C.C.DEVILLE "I Do Not Hit Women And I Do Not Believe In Violence"

Date August 23, 2005 / 268 reads

C.C. DeVille issued this statement to Metal Sludge, regarding his Sunday night arrest in Los Angeles:

I regret that this has happened. I just want everyone to understand that the first write up, by Ms. Malone was false. The facts are: I was in my home with my new girlfriend. Ms. Malone, whom I dated previously, entered my home. She attacked me and I did not retaliate. I do not hit women and I do not believe in violence! Ms. Malone has done this before. She made up false charges and I was arrested. She later dropped the charges. My girlfiend, in an effort to pull Ms. Malone from me, was then attacked with a chair. She sustained several cuts and bruises. Once Ms. Malone was close to the door, I pushed her out and she left. My girlfriend did scratch Ms. Malone, in the act of defending herself.

Anytime that a domestic dispute is filed... a police report is made and the outcome is determined in court. Yes, I went to the Van Nuys jail, that is procedure. I am filing charges of my own and we will let the wheels of justice settle this!

I do not wish ill feelings on Ms. Malone. She is upset over the break up and is not in a stable mental state. She has a criminal record herself and I know that this incident will be seen for what it really is… a cry for help and attention!

C.C. Deville