C.C.DEVILLE "I've Been Clean And Sober Now For Nine Months"

Date June 15, 2006 / 339 reads

Kyle Munson of DesMoinesRegister.com recently conducted an interview with POISON guitarist C.C. Deville. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

DesMoinesRegister.com: Can you believe that POISON has lasted 20 years?

Deville: "If I knew I was gonna be alive this long, I woulda took better care of myself. Honestly, I had no idea that POISON would be still going. It really is a miracle. ... I've been clean and sober now for nine months."

DesMoinesRegister.com: So can you behave on tour this summer?

Deville: I think where it's scary is after the show when you have this false exaltation, where it's four guys in the band and it's really a celebration about the music, and it's a celebration about the music being a soundtrack to other people's lives. It's not that they love us, it's that they remember who they were dating, their first car or whatever when they hear our songs. So we get this false sense of almost supernatural things. And if you're not careful, you stumble into that and then you do feel like you don't want to let go of that moment."

DesMoinesRegister.com: How are your guitar chops these days?

Deville: "My playing is really, really good this year because I got my license taken away and I can't drive for 12 months. ... The byproduct of that is the guitar has since become a very good friend of mine."

DesMoinesRegister.com: How are you and Bret getting along?

Deville: "With 20 years comes a lot of maturity as well as getting healthier, and we're realizing that the dynamic of Bret and I is really a major catalyst for what POISON is."