C.C.DEVILLE "I Made Many Mistakes In POISON"

Date October 27, 1999 / 2854 reads

CheckOut.com conducted an interview with Samantha 7. A transcript follows.

CheckOut.com: We have Samantha 7 here with us tonight, everyone! Can I just briefly say that the album is here and you lucky people here can order it right here and now! Not like we're trying to push anything. This is available to you right now, the public of the world, just click and buy it right now at CheckOut.com:. The album is fantastic! I thought, 'did they just say they want to be on Gwynneth's arms?' let the album do me! So, tell us how you feel about fame.

C.C. DeVille: I just want to be recognized. Like, I don't know if it's even real, but that whole Academy Awards thing is just so fantastic

CheckOut.com: And, the winner is, Samantha 7!!!!

C.C. DeVille: (clapping!)

CheckOut.com: (Applauds wildly!)

C.C. DeVille: It's wonderful. And then the next day it's like, they don't deserve it. But at first it's all nice and sweet.

CheckOut.com: It's kind of a new you. You've redefined yourself here. It's a Gumble move. LOL

C.C. DeVille: Yeah, I love it. I'm attracted. I keep going, I'm like, yeah right. So, how is your wife? It's a Bryant phrase.

CheckOut.com: My wife is fine, she's beautiful. Don't cancel me. You're jogging now, You're a new you!

C.C. DeVille: 8 miles a day.

CheckOut.com: 8 miles a day? Wow..

C.C. DeVille: The thing is that I blew up. Once I got sober, and this story is so old already, but once I got sober I gained weight because I realized food is good and before you know it I'm 80 lbs over weight. And I thought this is no good.

CheckOut.com: No good for you.

C.C. DeVille: So I started running and anything is more interesting than running and then the ghost of prom came to me and I started writing songs. And somebody said when you run you get these endorphins. But I hate it!

CheckOut.com: Mm hmm. You hit the wall and boom ....

C.C. DeVille: All of a sudden these musicians are talking to me about all these things.

CheckOut.com: Proms, really?

C.C. DeVille: No, I was just kidding. I heard the crutches clanking. Oh no, he's getting closer.

CheckOut.com: So, now you have to run! LOL

C.C. DeVille: So, now I'm running, I have to run and it's cheaper than a therapist, and at least you feel like you did something during the day.

CheckOut.com: Now, is there a set route that you run and maybe the fans can come out and join you on the run?

C.C. DeVille: Actually there is. It's a valley run that I do. I run and it's a good little ride.

CheckOut.com: The Canyon?

C.C. DeVille: But the thing is that it was a strategic run, because I would run over Mulholland because I knew the people in the industry would see me run on their way to work.

CheckOut.com: Uh huh.

C.C. DeVille: So, I knew that if you were running every day, they'd think I'm serious.

CheckOut.com: (Laughing with C.C. DeVille of Samantha 7)

C.C. DeVille: And, sure enough some record executives would say, "Is that you running every day?"

CheckOut.com: LOL

C.C. DeVille: And they weren't running, but they thought, at least let me help someone who's running and maybe I'll get healthy by proxy.

CheckOut.com: No Tae Bo?

C.C. DeVille: No, all of a sudden I'm with a girl and then it's back to Billy Blanks again.

CheckOut.com: Awwww! Overkill! Overkill! LOL

C.C. DeVille: This one girl is really doing it and then all of a sudden it' s back to a guy with pimples.

CheckOut.com: Not like that's a bad thing. Nothing wrong with that. LOL

C.C. DeVille: Speaking of pimples, they wanted to use my face for the lunar surface for the special effects thing, but mom said, "Don't do it."

CheckOut.com: Yeah? Still talk to Mom? Mom still has a big influence on you?

C.C. DeVille: Oh yeah, are you kidding? She owns me. I can't get married until she dies. It's in the contract.

CheckOut.com: Uh huh.

C.C. DeVille: I can be buried anywhere. In fact, did you hear recently...

CheckOut.com: You can be buried anywhere?

C.C. DeVille: ...they'll send you up to the moon.

CheckOut.com: Oh yeah? No, stop it! Really? They send you up to the moon.

C.C. DeVille: For like $12,000 NASA is working on this. They'll send your a** to the moon.

CheckOut.com: Jimmy Hoffa...So, anyway, before we start...cause we're not even on the air yet! LOL

C.C. DeVille: Oh, right you better be. I'm out of stuff. I'm out of shtick. I'm competing with him. Normally I'm the bright bulb doing this thing.

CheckOut.com: LOL!!

C.C. DeVille: It's like the Christians and the Lions. He's here with every reference from the 30s and 40s and then he starts to sing and he's a better singer.

CheckOut.com: (Applauds and laughs!) Hey! But, I can't play guitar!

C.C. DeVille: Well, thank God! Thank God! I just tell you something...if you go around the room, you'll notice that a lot of people don't think I can play guitar either.

CheckOut.com: I think you've started changing yourself...

C.C. DeVille: Well, you know I am short. So I'm a bit of short change anyway...hey lady!

CheckOut.com: Now, this picture, will this be available on the album itself? LOL

C.C. DeVille: That is not all bad. That will be on the back of the record there. That ain't all back spring baby.

CheckOut.com: I'm not saying his member is big, but his model was a lumberjack! Do you have a website out there? Spelled out, got to be clear ...

C.C. DeVille: Yes, there are two of them. samantha7.com. There's also thestepmothers.com, which is our former name.

CheckOut.com: Mmmm...okay.

C.C. DeVille: Why the stepmothers? Because until recently it was changed.

CheckOut.com: Sure. Why the Stepmoms? To Giant Robot.

C.C. DeVille: To giant robot - enough of that. By the way, there's some more money here! Thanks to Steve!

CheckOut.com: (laughs hysterically!)

C.C. DeVille: Hey Steve!

CheckOut.com: Come and get your yen!

C.C. DeVille: Cecil Deville, let me show you what a rip-off b***ard he is.

CheckOut.com: (laughs hysterically at CC Deville!)

C.C. DeVille: I was a robot man. When I was young they sat me in front of the TV and the cartoons were all...

CheckOut.com: Hello! Underdog! Oy!

C.C. DeVille: I AM underdog. I am the one. So busy standing over me to understand me.

CheckOut.com: Simon says, "Go Snow!" Remember when Pebbles and Bam Bam got voices?

C.C. DeVille: Yes, I remember that and there was a spin-off.

CheckOut.com: And, they could sing?

C.C. DeVille: (singing "Let the sun shine in...")

CheckOut.com: How could we mess it up?

C.C. DeVille: Can you imagine someone in Hollywood thinking, we have a hit with this Flintstones stuff. We need a spin-off.

CheckOut.com: LOL

C.C. DeVille: I think Dino...

CheckOut.com: Their band was the Way Outs!

C.C. DeVille: See, I feel so left out here, this is really way out there.

CheckOut.com: (Singing "...That's where the fun is ... Way Out!")

C.C. DeVille: I loved Dino and Hoppy right!

CheckOut.com: What about Dino? Yeah! Now, your hair, is that a hard regime to get to? Take us through your day...

C.C. DeVille: If you notice, the hair is, I'm trying to put a little distance between my hair and me.

CheckOut.com: That's why you leave it in the shower? LOL

C.C. DeVille: It used to be such an identifying thing with me. Like this "Kimba the White Lion." Another reference to cartoons!

CheckOut.com: "Kimba the White" ... remember?

C.C. DeVille: You have to understand, this is live, but there's no live audience and half the things you see on TV is the audience laughing to a sign blinking LAUGH.

CheckOut.com: We got...nothing!

C.C. DeVille: So, this would be great if we had an audience.

CheckOut.com: Kimba the White Lion, I'm with ya!

C.C. DeVille: I wanted to have a different look so I purposely change my look every couple weeks. So it's like this a little Keith Richards thing.

CheckOut.com: Mm hmm. Straight black for the rest of you guys.

C.C. DeVille: And sometimes I'll put it back like a Bill Haley thing.

CheckOut.com: Just straight up?

C.C. DeVille: We want to get that third world thing. That whole Ricky Martin thing

CheckOut.com: You got to look Cuban? LOL

C.C. DeVille: We think that that Cuban thing is going to be one great market once it's liberated.

CheckOut.com: I love Elian! A sitcom!

C.C. DeVille: Exactly. I want to be Elian.

CheckOut.com: Alien, yeah...if he becomes president...

C.C. DeVille: Or, as George W. Bush says, "I want to be Aylean." Bill Gates said it's not going to take 6 months, it'll take 7 months because George Bush will be in the White House.

CheckOut.com: Yeah, to...see he's brainy, he's got the rock no roll thing. He jogs, he drinks Jamba Juice...

C.C. DeVille: I am King Jamba...in fact, they call me Jamba the Hut!

CheckOut.com: Jamba...ta tunka!!! Sounds like a bull...

C.C. DeVille: Well, Ferdinand. That's the only bull I relate to.

CheckOut.com: Marcos?

C.C. DeVille: No, that was more like Amelda...you couldn't tell from my shoes.

CheckOut.com: There are millions of questions!!!

C.C. DeVille: Okay, I'm ready I'm sh****ng on myself here.

CheckOut.com: Are you ready for your close-up? Can we go to Depends? Cecil B. DeMille!

C.C. DeVille: I'm ready for my close-up...Would you imagine a Depends close-up. Now you too can be ready for your close-up!

CheckOut.com: Questions from your fans! These are from people all around the world.

C.C. DeVille: I know it's amazing.

CheckOut.com: At CheckOut.com:...THE entertainment network!

C.C. DeVille: You know, I was watching the "King of Comedy" for the first time and I never got to watch the whole thing and what is this, Puffnick or something?

CheckOut.com: Okay...Rupert Pupkin...it's very funny.

C.C. DeVille: Yeah, by the end of it I kind of liked it.

CheckOut.com: Do you know what happened to Axl Rose?

C.C. DeVille: Do I know? What am I, Axl's agent?

CheckOut.com: See, how I segued in there?

C.C. DeVille: Actually I don't know what happened. Axl and me used to eat garlic balls back in L.A. when we were both dreaming of making it.

CheckOut.com: Uh huh...

C.C. DeVille: And, he made and I made it. But I don't know what happened to Axl. I know he's out there.

CheckOut.com: Is he like nobody knows where this cat is?

C.C. DeVille: I don't know. I played with Axl for a while.

CheckOut.com: Oh, so maybe you should feel...you played with him how?

C.C. DeVille: Musically!

CheckOut.com: Oh! Cleared that up! LOL

C.C. DeVille: I was tickling him

CheckOut.com: I just set 'em up, ladies and gentlemen! More questions from your fans...If you could be with anybody who would it be?

C.C. DeVille: Again, I have this thing with Gwynneth Paltrow. But she is like this...Thank God she's so unattainable that it's always one of those...It's like...

CheckOut.com: It's like Christy Turlington for me...never going to happen.

C.C. DeVille: Yeah, so I just love the fact of being in love with something to attain one day. She reminds me of the Audrey Hepburn of stars.

CheckOut.com: Breakfast At Tiffany's...my wife, my wife loves...

C.C. DeVille: I mean with those eyebrows...But I just love that old star thing and I think Gwynneth harkens back to that golden age of Hollywood.

CheckOut.com: And, Shawnee?

C.C. DeVille: The thing is that you should mention Shawnee who plays bass for White Zombie and I fell in love with her when I saw a picture so I wrote a song about her and when I met her she didn't care.

CheckOut.com: You write a song for the broad, nothing!

C.C. DeVille: You would think like, hey, I wrote a song for you. It wasn't good enough.

CheckOut.com: So, what happens if Gwynneth sees you, you're at yoga works doing your work out and she's there! She's like, hey! I want to be in a video...

C.C. DeVille: I would be like, "Ba ba bab baaba a..."(babbling/stumbling). Forget it. Believe me, 'cause I know me.

CheckOut.com: She says, let's go to coffee...LOL

C.C. DeVille: Shmuck! I'd be like, "Who set this up? Where's Alan Funt?"

CheckOut.com: On the moon, ha ha! What about you? Who does it for you?

C.C. DeVille: You know, I have an infatuation with Alyssa Milano from "Charmed." You know what, I think she's 7.

CheckOut.com: And, a couple of days...

C.C. DeVille: You know what, I'm dying to get on the road because we're putting together our...

CheckOut.com: Who rocks your boat?

C.C. DeVille: No, Chris and I are sharing a room with a twin bed and Cece's getting his own room.

CheckOut.com: Two twins? No particular female out there pushing a button?

C.C. DeVille: No, one twin.

CheckOut.com: Could he finish the dang question?!

C.C. DeVille: I was just trying to lasso him.

CheckOut.com: Give me a girl's name?

C.C. DeVille: You like that Aguilera girl don't you?

CheckOut.com: What about that Aguilera girl?

C.C. DeVille: Don't you like that Aguilera?

CheckOut.com: Okay, give me a name and we'll move on...quickly!

C.C. DeVille: Uh, the uh...uh

CheckOut.com: It's you and Hannah and her Sisters! If you guys could come back to this world as a fruit or vegetable, which fruit or vegetable would it be? And, where would the first bite be?

C.C. DeVille: Who the H**l is writing these? How about, my first single is "I Want To Be Famous."

CheckOut.com: Fruit or vegetable?! And, where would the bite be?

C.C. DeVille: If I had to be a vegetable I'd probably come back as Karen Quinlan.

CheckOut.com: (cringes!!!) Ohho oohohohh!

C.C. DeVille: No, I'd probably be a banana.

CheckOut.com: LOL

C.C. DeVille: I remember seeing this thing that's like a Carmen Miranda take-off sex show and they had this big huge squash at the end.

CheckOut.com: It better have something to do with fruits or vegetables...

C.C. DeVille: So, I'd like to be a squash in Amsterdam if I had to be a fruit because it was a very active fruit. It was in every orifice, let's put it that way.

CheckOut.com: Okay...squash is a...that's thick! The radius!!!! Okay.

C.C. DeVille: Yes, there was quite a circumference put it that way, quite a diameter.

CheckOut.com: Fruit, vegetable? Where would the bite be?

C.C. DeVille: Mullion.

CheckOut.com: (questions other guys in Samantha 7)

Krys: Mullion, you can't say mullion.

CheckOut.com: Next question...Okay, here's a straight up question, How did Samantha 7 form as a band?

C.C. DeVille: The real story, my manager doesn't let me tell the real story 'cause it's a weird story.

CheckOut.com: Please do...

C.C. DeVille: But, I'll tell you. I was watching an adult video and all through the scenes was this heavy groove bass and I'm like, that bass is a really great sound.

CheckOut.com: LOL

C.C. DeVille: So, I'm watching the credits and it said music by Gerth.

CheckOut.com: Uh huh.

C.C. DeVille: And I called up my friend and asked who this Gerth is, and he put me in touch with Chris, who was Gerth doing the soundtrack for those films.

CheckOut.com: Gerth! Gerth!

C.C. DeVille: No, the tone.

CheckOut.com: LOL. Chris, how did you get hooked up with doing soundtracks for adult films?

C.C. DeVille: You auditioned! Times were tough. Ron Jeremy knows me!

CheckOut.com: LOL

Krys: Yeah, that's it exactly. That was the person who hooked us up! I go, Ron, who's' this Gerth? He said you mean me? I said no, the music.

C.C. DeVille: Ron is amazing. And, I don't really know what I'm talking about, honey, (if my wife is listening)...no, he's wonderful!

Krys: He's a great piano player too.

CheckOut.com: He is!

C.C. DeVille: He is! He's blessed

CheckOut.com: How did the band form, for Christ's sake?!

C.C. DeVille: So, we hooked up and then he knew a guy who played drums and when we first auditioned him it seemed he didn't want to be in the band because he wasn't falling all over himself to be in the band.

Krys: So we went back to him after auditioning others and we got him to be in the band.

CheckOut.com: Look at him now, he's so optimistic and so wants to be here...Right, Francis? Hell of a movie, too, "Frances."

C.C. DeVille: Frances Farmer? Oh, that Jessica Lange, I love that.

CheckOut.com: "Francis." Yeah. OH God!

C.C. DeVille: If it wasn't Gwynneth, I think it would be Frances, Jessica...but I don't know if it would be Jessica or Frances.

CheckOut.com: Is it TRUE! That it took you two weeks to lay down this album? Oy the voltage! 11 days? 9 days?

C.C. DeVille: You have to understand, we knew what we were doing. This band is very rehearsed and we didn't want to have an over-produced contrived album.

CheckOut.com: Mm hmm.

C.C. DeVille: We wanted to go in and do it and not have too much orchestration, which is good because we can go do it live and it sounds the same.

CheckOut.com: Yeah. Cause you're good! Well, how about this, this is the album, ladies and gents, Samantha 7, you can't get this in a record store right now. You know where you can get it? Right here!

C.C. DeVille: However, because you don't understand, we're all poor...

CheckOut.com: Click it, buy it! CheckOut.com:.

C.C. DeVille: You don't understand, I made many mistakes in Poison. I have nothing. I'm in debt. I need you to help me. And these boys have nothing also.

CheckOut.com: LOL

C.C. DeVille: Don't think of buying the record as doing something for yourself. Buy the record for us.

CheckOut.com: Finished? Let's hear some of it for crying out loud!

C.C. DeVille: You can't, oh you can't put me on the spot. We don't even have guitars here.

CheckOut.com: No, I want t see what happens! I have some guitars here, look at this! Look, there's a pick there! I think you can!

C.C. DeVille: I'm an artist. I can't just, at your beck and call, pick up a guitar and start playing. Oh boy!

CheckOut.com: A little musical chairs here...

C.C. DeVille: Wow, okay. How are we?

CheckOut.com: White guy in the middle...

C.C. DeVille: Easy!

CheckOut.com: Easy !!! hey!

C.C. DeVille: I am the token blond.

CheckOut.com: That's a good name for the band now..."White Guy In The Middle."

C.C. DeVille: Are we taking requests?

CheckOut.com: Ladies and Gentlemen, exclusively here at CheckOut.com:...

C.C. DeVille: No, I told you we're going to take requests and that's when you said, "Oh do 'I Wanna Be Famous.'"

CheckOut.com: How about "I Wanna Be Famous"? I love it so much, can you do it?

C.C. DeVille: And we haven't done it in so long. Why don't we do it in C? Because we always do it in C.

CheckOut.com: Crazy Gideon! (laughs hysterically!!!!)

C.C. DeVille: That was like the animated skipper from Gilligan's Island right there. By the way, George Putnam says buy this record.

CheckOut.com: Ladies and Gentlemen! SAMANTHA 7!!

C.C. DeVille: You don't have to explain who George Putnam is...he's my uncle in New York.

CheckOut.com: Okay, I won't. >From New York, Putnam, New York!

C.C. DeVille: This is an acoustic version of this song so it doesn't sound exactly the way you'll hear it on the album, but it's sort of my Louie Primo version.

CheckOut.com: This is a long disclaimer! LOL

C.C. DeVille: So, it goes a little something like this. NO, it goes exactly like this.

Samantha 7: (playing "I Wanna Be Famous")

C.C. DeVille: Thank you!

CheckOut.com: Ladies and gentlemen, Samantha 7! I understand you did the soundtrack for "Less Than Zero"?

C.C. DeVille: Yes, that's so funny, I did. That's what I got paid, too. I got paid less than zero for that.

CheckOut.com: How was it working with Robert Downey, Jr.?

C.C. DeVille: I didn't work with him I just did the soundtrack.

CheckOut.com: Wow.

C.C. DeVille: I love Robert Downey because I feel for him.

CheckOut.com: Right on. Let's rifle through some questions...

C.C. DeVille: Send me right back into the thing!

CheckOut.com: I try to get away, but they pull me right back in!!!!

C.C. DeVille: How about Sophia Coppola who is like, maybe you should get out of the acting thing and be a director.

CheckOut.com: Johnny...who's Johnny? I heard your birthday's coming up?

C.C. DeVille: I'm not Johnny!

CheckOut.com: This is from Johnny...What's the one thing you don't have that you would like to get?

C.C. DeVille: I want respect! No, you know what? Those are tough questions.

CheckOut.com: What do you want? Just Gwynneth? Shakespeare in love?

C.C. DeVille: You know what I want. I just want to be famous.

CheckOut.com: For a day?

C.C. DeVille: Oh, no! You know what I would really like? I'd like to be host of "Queen For a Day." I want my own show.

CheckOut.com: Uh huh, okay. He wants a show! All right. All right, is there any one place you go to unwind after a tour or recording session?

C.C. DeVille: I got to tell you, when I'm done running, I'm pretty much unwound. You can't get any more unwound.

CheckOut.com: Mm hmm.

C.C. DeVille: If I could just make it up the hill where I live, I drop.

CheckOut.com: I'm saying, you just finished a tour...20 cities, 80 countries or where ever...Where do you go just to...

C.C. DeVille: I love this town. I know it's a standard answer, but I love this town. I love the night life.

CheckOut.com: You know?

C.C. DeVille: I love to boogie!

CheckOut.com: LOL

C.C. DeVille: Alicia Bridges?

CheckOut.com: I had to do it, man! So, you hang in L.A.? Where's your favorite place to gig in L.A.?

C.C. DeVille: Oh boy, I would have to say my favorite place to gig in L.A...the Forum is always a nice place. I don't get to play there much, but after the Forum I'd have to say Anastasia's Coffee House.

CheckOut.com: Oh man! From the Forum to Anastasia's! It's comfy!

C.C. DeVille: Because I can invite my mom and dad and it's a full house. Hey mom and dad come on down and we sell out.

CheckOut.com: It's Russian. And, a good piece of kugel!

C.C. DeVille: There's nothing like noodle kugel...You don't understand.

CheckOut.com: I understand! LOL

C.C. DeVille: There's a cat man, named John Bryan and I go see him at Largo and then jam across the street to get the four-star arugula. Sometimes I get the six pastries.

CheckOut.com: Stop! I've been there, twice and it's happened!

C.C. DeVille: They know me there. They say, get the stars, he's a good customer! And I get to jam there so I love that area.

CheckOut.com: Wow. The Fairfax courtyard. Okay, do you guys need any dancers, choreographers for your music videos?

C.C. DeVille: Yeah, of course we do. Yes. We were talking about having back up singers and dancers and calling them the Tour-Ettes...you know, the Tourettes?

Krys: Honestly, we would love to have some kind of background singers.

CheckOut.com: So, I guess they can get in touch with you through the website?

C.C. DeVille: We'll work on the singers.

CheckOut.com: Okay.

C.C. DeVille: While taking breaths, what do the fans want to look at? Let's have them look at some tushes.

CheckOut.com: I'm a Black Jew!!!!

C.C. DeVille: LOL

CheckOut.com: Do you guys like eating garlic balls, still? I told you, I see, I told you...I knew it'd be...

C.C. DeVille: That was history of the world!

CheckOut.com: Mr. Saturday Night!

C.C. DeVille: Yeah, I do.

CheckOut.com: Yeah, do you still like eating garlic balls? What place was this?

C.C. DeVille: Cafe L.A. was on Sunset Strip, which was the place. If you ordered a soda, you'd sit down and it was part of the tradition of the restaurant to get a plate of garlic balls to munch on while ordering.

CheckOut.com: Right.

C.C. DeVille: If you were just having a soda though, they'd think you were going to eat more and they'd give you these garlic balls.

CheckOut.com: So, they set the place on fire. LOL

Krys: And the rock and roll guys figured this out. You could just eat the garlic balls and get full.

C.C. DeVille: It was touch. I would go to the Rainbow, and Mario, who runs the Rainbow, caught me asking people at the tables if they were going to finish their pizza.

CheckOut.com: Mm hmm.

C.C. DeVille: And he hauled me into the kitchen and said, if you want pizza you ask for it, but you don't bother the customers.

CheckOut.com: Bad for business. Okay. Do you guys get along on the road out there with this...

C.C. DeVille: You know what it is! A pompous a**! It's a 14-karat A** is what it is.

CheckOut.com: You groovy cats...do you guys get along out there on the road with this...this ball of energy?

Francis: CC is a wonderful person. We thoroughly enjoy being with him.

CheckOut.com: I've seen some hard-boiled eggs in my time, but he's a 20-minute!

Krys: All the time he loves us and pays us well.

CheckOut.com: Pays you well? LOL

C.C. DeVille: Stop it! Don't we want to be famous? The California illusion! Come on!

CheckOut.com: No! No!

C.C. DeVille: Come on!

CheckOut.com: (laughs hysterically!)

C.C. DeVille: We're talking fame! Who needs money when you can be famous!

CheckOut.com: Now when you found these guys you said no one would play with you, how did you deal with that response? C'mon? right.

C.C. DeVille: They said, Cecil DeVille, are you kidding me? Come on! My reputation is that he's a great songwriter but he's a 14-karat A**. My band and I walk into rehearsal and they quit. My band is firing me. They said, we're going to write new songs and you're out of the band. So I couldn't believe I got kicked out of my own band.

CheckOut.com: They fired YOU? How about you working that whole A** persona?

C.C. DeVille: Are you kidding me? If I got kicked out of ten bands the whole thing is that I want to be the a**. I want to be Mr. A**. That's my job. Yes, Mr. A**. Everyone lower it down.

CheckOut.com: You like that song, "Genie in a Bottle"? It's Christina Aguilera, right?

Krys: Great song. I can say that. It's a great song.

C.C. DeVille: I like that song, "I'm Not So Innocent," Britney Spears.

CheckOut.com: Britney Spears.

C.C. DeVille: Yeah.

CheckOut.com: How bout "Somewhere Over the Rainbow?"

Krys: Funny you mentioned that.

CheckOut.com: Do we need guitars?

C.C. DeVille: (Sings "Somewhere Over The Rainbow")

CheckOut.com: And, if we did, it'd go a little something like...

C.C. DeVille: That was like Ethel Merman doing it. I love Ethel Merman.

CheckOut.com: That was like Ethel Merman doing it! Yeah!

C.C. DeVille: Everyone in webland is gonna say, how old are these guys?

CheckOut.com: Well, how old are you?

C.C. DeVille: Their references are like technicolor

CheckOut.com: ACTION laughs!

C.C. DeVille: Here we are in technicolor! It's young! It's fresh and he's talking about Yule Brenner

CheckOut.com: The internet ..... "Marty" was my favorite movie!

C.C. DeVille: I loved Marty! Ernest. Who cares about McHale!

Krys: Marty!

CheckOut.com: "Marty" ... best picture, 1951!

C.C. DeVille: He knew about saving up a dollar!

CheckOut.com: I hear a little ....

C.C. DeVille: He's trying to get a schmagiggy in his

CheckOut.com: ACTION imitates Jewish accent .... Everybody ... I've never said that! Now we do it in Yiddish ....

C.C. DeVille: Horrah! Hoo. It's like the heimlich!

CheckOut.com: We do summer stock in Yiddish!

C.C. DeVille: That would be hilarious

CheckOut.com: How about a regular question ...

C.C. DeVille: I hate to pressure that one on you, but you might have to hear this. I have a song called Kosher Weekend

CheckOut.com: And, it goes a little something like .....??

C.C. DeVille: I don't know if I can play it for you

CheckOut.com: You don't got the kishkas?

C.C. DeVille: Yeah, I gotta make sure. Maybe a little later

CheckOut.com: Paraphrase! There is no later! Just do a version.

C.C. DeVille: All right. I'll do a little, I'll do a little The thing is that because of, I always try to come off non-threatening

CheckOut.com: "Jesus" the miniseries is coming on, so we can dedicate it to them.

C.C. DeVille: In order for me to come on non-threatening was to use Kosher and it would go a little something lke this going up to girls

C.C. DeVille: ACTION singing "Kosher Weekend"

C.C. DeVille: ACTION singing very funny song

CheckOut.com: ACTION laughs!

CheckOut.com: ACTION sings, ... "Let's have a kosher weekend, with no stripping!"

C.C. DeVille: If you spend the night. I promise to treat you right. I promise no hanky panky.

CheckOut.com: And, no wire hangers! That came from Mommy Dearest! What bands and musicians inspired your new sound?

C.C. DeVille: Kurt Cobain without a doubt screwed me up big time. When that album came out, it was just like a new light going off because I was pretty much stale with everything.

CheckOut.com: Mm hmm.

C.C. DeVille: and here he was with such an honesty in his vocals and i just tuned into it. And the hair bands were fading and I was so into how good this was and you had to give it credit it was so great

CheckOut.com: Oh, it was the music and not necessarily the pomp, circumstance, 16 foot tongues and schmooka!

CheckOut.com: ACTION laughs!

C.C. DeVille: Yeah. Right, right. Exactly. You know, the lotta schmookas.

CheckOut.com: So, the music .... Singlegirl: did you ever think of being a stand-up comic?

C.C. DeVille: But, Kurt Cobain knocked me out. And Hanging Onto Jane, which is a song we do on the album, is dedicated to him.

CheckOut.com: Jane, not being pot, Jane being fame.

C.C. DeVille: I don't know what . It's hanging onto something you should really let go of and you can't

CheckOut.com: Uh huh.

C.C. DeVille: In this case, Jane is my mom because she won't let me go. I need to grow up and be by myself. She'll call me up and go, "Did you eat today"?

CheckOut.com: ACTION laughs!

C.C. DeVille: Of course I ate. wouldn't I be dead and not talking to you if I didn't eat?

CheckOut.com: I wanna meet his mother, she's a sitcom!

C.C. DeVille: and my dad goes, "Why do you talk to your mother like that?" and then I feel bad.

CheckOut.com: CC will be seen up at the Skirball University for Judaism all this week ....

CheckOut.com: ACTION laughs!

C.C. DeVille: ACTION laughs

CheckOut.com: Do you do that?

C.C. DeVille: I actually put my guitar case and opened it up right by the Skirball Center

CheckOut.com: We have more about your hair .... Will you ever tease your hair again?

C.C. DeVille: Oh, sure I will. Yeah, the thing is with my hair is I have to show it dirty pictures to get it to stand up that high. Every time I try to do my hair, Billy Blanks shows up again

CheckOut.com: I'm trying to do my hair!

C.C. DeVille: Hey Billy get off!

CheckOut.com: Perfect question ....Where do you get all the energy to yell all the time?!

C.C. DeVille: I'm the baby of the family and I'm also very short. I'm young, well not young, but I'm the youngest in my family and am very short so I had to overcompensate for this Napoleon type thing

Krys: It's survival of the shortest

CheckOut.com: Survival. Do you guys wear earplugs hanging around this guy? Do you come over for like dinners and stuff like that?

Krys: And the whole family is that way.

Francis: They're all loud

CheckOut.com: Oh wow! Are you having a Mother's Day Sader?

C.C. DeVille: It's a Mother's Day/my birthday. Now, what kind of gift, to be born on Mother's Day? ME! I am the Mother's Day gift

CheckOut.com: Mm hmm!

C.C. DeVille: How can I top myself? Can you imagine?

CheckOut.com: LOL

C.C. DeVille: So, I'm getting together for half Mother's Day and half my birthday. And even for my birthday she's got to ruin it. It's not just your birthday!

CheckOut.com: LOL. You don't live together with mom, do you?

C.C. DeVille: No, she lives in Orange County I would see her less if I lived with her because she's on the phone all the time.

CheckOut.com: Of course. Change your number.

C.C. DeVille: Oh, she's got a crush. Are you kidding? My mother is wild.

CheckOut.com: Oh yeah. What about your parents?

C.C. DeVille: No, you don't even know.

Krys: I'm telling you.

CheckOut.com: It's his bass!

C.C. DeVille: What was that movie, "Class?" With Andrew McCarthy and Jaqueline Bisset? I go home and she's like, "Where's Krys?" I hope dad's not there.

CheckOut.com: LOL

CheckOut.com: Is this your mom and dad?

C.C. DeVille: Yes

CheckOut.com: And, your brother.

C.C. DeVille: My older brother.

CheckOut.com: How long do you spend on the Internet everyday? Are you Internet guys?

C.C. DeVille: He's on it. Kyrs.

Krys: I think I'm on 6 hours a day, or 8 hours.

CheckOut.com: How much is too much? How much of that is porn?

C.C. DeVille: You know what, I see no porn. Except those things I get from emails that say: Krys, we love you. And I open it up and it says...I can't even say what it says.

CheckOut.com: You can say anything! So, what do you do on the Internet for 6 hours?

C.C. DeVille: No, I open it up and it says, "Look at my big t**s"

Krys: We talk to the fans.

C.C. DeVille: Until now you could not talk one-on-one with your fans or other artists. Normally with people I want to get a hold of from other bands like the Goo Goo Dolls. And thank God for this Internet thing. It's amazing. I really is truly amazing.

CheckOut.com: Mm hmm, do you realize I asked him (Krys) that question?

Krys: Once he said, big t**s, I said, "Let me get this out of the way."

C.C. DeVille: It's the new one...Big T**s and little A**

Krys: Samantha 7.

CheckOut.com: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, you can get it right here! Samantha 7!

C.C. DeVille: This was reviewed and they said out of the 11 songs, there are 10 top-10 singles.

CheckOut.com: LOL

C.C. DeVille: Which makes me think, which is the one he didn't like?

CheckOut.com: Who didn't vote for Shaquille?!

CheckOut.com: LOL

C.C. DeVille: Yeah, can you imagine the one guy who didn't vote for Shaquille?

CheckOut.com: Cause he's a Jewsie...goodnight, I'm out of a job!

C.C. DeVille: Because I like Shaqoosie.

CheckOut.com: LOL

CheckOut.com: Let's do a song off the album, man! C'mon, it's rock n roll! What are you going to do, man?

C.C. DeVille: I'm having such a great time and I want to basically come back to Earth and do a song called, "I'm Not Having A Good Day." Because usually every day starts out that I'm not having a good day.

CheckOut.com: "I'm Not Having a Good Day," one of the good cuts on the album...ladies and gentlemen!

CheckOut.com: LOL

C.C. DeVille: I'm like Azusa mentality cult references.

CheckOut.com: LOL

C.C. DeVille: Hi, I'm like a Plymouth Duster

CheckOut.com: 103 octane!

C.C. DeVille: What happened to me?

Francis: I have a trailer in the back.

Krys: I started out pretty good and went totally like English town.

C.C. DeVille: Let me tell you, this Steve. Nothing goes by him. I've been sending flares out to the battle and he's been catching them.

CheckOut.com: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

C.C. DeVille: I hate him. Steve could be the fastest man on the Internet. I'm telling you. I believe he is. Oh god, I'm jealous. I'm not coming on this show again.

CheckOut.com: Yes you are!!!

C.C. DeVille: Anyway, so this is "I'm Not Having A Good Day."

CheckOut.com: Yes you are Cecil B. DeVille!

C.C. DeVille: And it starts off with the title.

Samantha 7: (Singing "I'm Not Having A Good Day")

CheckOut.com: (Applauds!)

CheckOut.com: Back with Samantha 7!

C.C. DeVille: Are you from the East Coast Steve?

CheckOut.com: I'm from Long Island! I love the drummer, he's got some stuff there!

C.C. DeVille: But he's got the moroccas! He doesn't have drums but he has moroccas!.

CheckOut.com: OH it is? Okay, the question last week, what was it? MOBY was here last week, and he asked you...What do you see yourself doing in 25 years? That's a question for you...

C.C. DeVille: Wow! Struggling to p**s.

CheckOut.com: Struggling to piss!!!

CheckOut.com: (Laughs hysterically!)

Krys: I have one and that was it. Sleeping very comfortably.

C.C. DeVille: We need a vacation.

CheckOut.com: 25 years, man.Really? Cause we don't have the whole set up. Do you have the whole elaborate drummy thingy?

Francis: I hope I'm playing somewhere. I just want to play.

C.C. DeVille: I get the whole Ringo Starr set up going. Before we did the record I was listening to a lot of Sex Pistols so it's your basic straightforward energy.

CheckOut.com: Pete Golden, the exec producer of the show says you're one of the best drummers he's ever seen! You ROCK! YOU on the other hand!

Francis: Wow! What a compliment! Thank you!

CC: I suck!

CheckOut.com: You're not a good drummer (To CC!) Okay, 25 years, where the heck are ya?

C.C. DeVille: I tell you, I just hope I'm not in a home somewhere.

Krys: Honestly, I'd love to still be rocking, I'd love to still be playing. I don't want to be a museum piece, but it would be great if I could still be...

CheckOut.com: You'll be in great shape, jogging 8 miles a morning!

C.C. DeVille: It's not that. It's the perception of...it's like my father would say, "Doesn't this guy know to lie down?"

C.C. DeVille: He'd say B.J. Thomas and say, "Doesn't he know how to put it down?"

CheckOut.com: Now, you can leave a question for DEVO, what do you want to ask them collectively as a group?

C.C. DeVille: What's the deal with the hats?

Krys: The only thing that comes to mind is those hats. There's got to be some deal with those beehive hats.

C.C. DeVille: But, I know Mark is doing some kind of soundtrack stuff and I'd love to do stuff with him because that's the kind of shameless whore that I am.

CheckOut.com: Uh huh. Oh you're vying for the job, are you?

C.C. DeVille: And tell his buddy Danny Elfman that I want to do some work with him too.

CheckOut.com: Mm hmm. Can we get some guys, some guitars to play us out??

C.C. DeVille: Can I do "Hanging Onto Jane?"

Krys: This is my Beatles like one.

CheckOut.com: And, before we get the fade in, is there anything you want to say to the world while we've got you here?

C.C. DeVille: I want to thank Karen and Laurie and all my people...Rogers & Cowan and me.

Krys: I'd like to thank C.C. DeVille.

CheckOut.com: A big up to John and our guy who helped you out!

C.C. DeVille: John!

CheckOut.com: (claps!)

Samantha 7: (Playing "Hanging Onto Jane")