C.C.DEVILLE "I'm Sober For About A Year Now"

Date February 5, 1996 / 757 reads

"I'm back among the living. I'm sober for about a year now," says C.C. DeVille, who's in great shape (he runs daily) and glad to have rejoined his former cohorts in Poison. He's already visited bassist Bobby Dall in Florida for a writing session that went well, and looks forward to getting together with the whole band there after the holidays. Bobby and his wife Michelle are awaiting the birth of their second child in December (it's a girl), and Bret Michaels is preparing his A Letter From Death Row movie for release. Rikki Rockett is working on the second five part miniseries of his Sisters of Mercy comic book line (he does all the computer colorization) that debuts in March, and is in negotiations for a comic based on The Ultimate Fighting Championship. Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996 disc, due out Nov. 26, is the band's last for Capitol (the future of the shelved Crack a Smile, with Blues Saraceno on guitar, remains uncertain though two songs from it are on the Hits CD) but Poison is in "no hurry to sign a deal," according to Rikki. "We're gonna start jamming together, and maybe doing some shows in the spring," says the drummer, who isn't averse to the idea of doing a package tour with '80s cohorts like Ratt or Cinderella. "That might be cool," he says.