C.C.DEVILLE Meets RIKKI ROCKETT at NAMM "Sometimes I Vent On The Wrong Thing"

Date February 9, 2000 / 467 reads

Source: KNAC

Gerri Miller went to the annual NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) held February 3-6 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. She was hanging with Samantha 7 bandmates Krys Baratt, Francis Ruiz and C.C. DeVille.

C.C. admitted that giving an ultimatum to Poison "wasn't a good thing to do" and that he'd "handled it wrong. Sometimes I vent on the wrong thing," he said, adding that he had "a great time on the tour" believes "it's gonna work out" with Poison. Toward that end, he went to surprise Rikki Rockett while he was meeting fans at Johnny Rabb drumsticks. Hugs and smiles ensued, but asked about it afterward, Rockett said, "I don't know that he wants back. I think he wants to not be enemies with us. He needs to go to Bret and talk to him. He drew first blood at Bret."

She also met Tracii Guns, who I filled in on the meeting between C.C. DeVille and Rikki Rockett. Tracii said he'd be "surprised if they patched it up right now. C.C. flip-flops daily. I do think they'll get back together some day," he believes. But based on his intimate knowledge of a band with an ever-changing line-up, doesn't think it will be now, though "either way I'm happy." As of now, he plans to record with Poison early next month, tour for three weeks with L.A. Guns, and then rehearse for the summer tour. "It rocks," he said of the new Live + Five tunes. "It's definitely old school, not anything trippy or weird. It's not heavier but it's definitely edgier, nastier, sexier."