Date July 27, 2001 / 555 reads

Marko Syrjala of Metal-Rules.com conducted an interview with Carmine Appice. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

MARKO: The last King Kobra album "Hollywood Trash" album has a completely new line-up and it sounds quite different compared to older albums. In your opinion, is that album "a real" King Kobra album?

CARMINE: Well, you know, what happened there, was that I singed the deal with MTM, I talked to Johnny Rod, David Michael Phillips and Mick. Marcie Free didn't want to do it. I was gonna do the original band with Kelly and then as westarted getting into it everybody started falling out, Johnny Rod got arrested, he was in jail, I don't even know why. David Michael Phillips didn't want to do it without Mark, so he was out. So the only one left was Mick, so it was me, Mick and Kelly. Me and Kelly wrote a bunch of songs for King Kobra, Kelly played bass, I even sent Johnny [Rod] a ticket to come to L.A., I didn't know that he was in jail. So it was just a screw-up, a mess. When you do that, you just got to continue and do the best you can. Mick came in a played and it was great. Steve Fister played on the album, he's a great guitar player. I even had C.C. Deville on the album, but they didn't put the track on the album, they only listed him and had a picture, because they're stupid. They have a picture of the band with C.C. Deville in there and list that he's on the album, but they took his track off, silly.

Hollywood Trash / Track List:
01. Do It
02. Bitch
03. The Gift
04. Hollywood Trash
05. Jessy
06. The Edge
07. Watch What You Think
08. Angels
09. Blaze
10. Freedom
11. Ready To Strike
12. Take It Off
13. Here Comes The Night
14. Subway (**Japanese release only, featuring C.C.DeVille**)