C.C.DEVILLE To Become First-Time Dad

Date October 20, 2006 / 366 reads

According to TMZ.com, POISON guitarist C.C. Deville is set to have his first child with longtime girlfriend Shannon Malone. The mom-to-be reportedly says everything is going great so far, and describes pregnancy as "an amazing process."

While the bouncing baby isn't due until March, C.C. and Shannon are already thinking about taking a break from the Hollywood scene for a while. The couple may head east to Shannon's hometown of Philadelphia to have the baby.

Shannon is no stranger to the spotlight herself. The blonde bombshell is a regular on the pages of Stuff and other "lad" mags and she's had some acting success as well. Most recently, she played alongside Clint Howard as "Jasmine" in the soon-to-be-released horror flick "Bid Bad Wolf", which just screened in Hollywood last week. Shannon has also guested on "The Chelsea Handler Show" and "Las Vegas". You may also recognize her from various music videos for big names like SUGAR RAY, CISQO and MARILYN MANSON.