C.C. DEVILLE Wants POISON Concerts To Be "Honoring To God"

Date July 22, 2008 / 1182 reads

Pete Wilson, the pastor at Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee recently got a call from POISON guitarist C.C. DeVille asking for advice and inviting him to POISON's July 8 concert at the Sommet Center in Nashville. According to Pete, "C.C. has just become a Christian and was wondering if I would be willing to bring him some messages he could listen to on the road, as well as just encourage him, and answer a few questions."

Pete added, "This guy [C.C.] has an amazing heart. We spent some time with him pre-concert and before he went to get ready to go on stage he said, 'Pete, would you watch the show tonight and tell me if you see me do anything that would not be honoring to God.' Are you kidding me????

"After the concert we had a creative team meeting with him where we suggested a few different ways he could interweave the story of what God is doing in his life through his music. The entire experience was surreal, to say the least."