ERIC BRITTINGHAM On Playing With BRET MICHAELS "It Seemed Like A Natural Move, So I Joined The Band"

Date July 18, 2016 / 1364 reads

Cinderella/Bret Michaels bassist Eric Brittingham guests on Episode #240 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.

Eric Brittingham discusses working with Bret Michaels, Cinderella, Devil City Angels, Rikki Rockett, playing for Jimmy Bain in Last In Line, and much more.

ML: How did you end up in Bret's band?

EB: Pete Evick heard I was playing in 5 different bands and trying to find one good gig. At the same time their bass player had to step away due to personal reasons. He called me and asked me if I am interested in doing it. So I flew out, watched a few shows and talked with Bret, it seemed like a natural move so I joined the band. I am really enjoying it, it's a great bunch of guys, a great players, Bret's awesome to work with, it's all positive, we're having a great time outthere.