Fans Call POISON 'The Stadium Tour' Heroes: "They Blow MOTLEY CRUE & DEF LEPPARD Off The Stage"

Date August 12, 2022 / 576 reads

Source: MetalWani

With 'The Stadium Tour' still ongoing & all the bands delivering good performances, fans have come out and applauded the heroes of the tour, Poison.

Fans of 'The Stadium Tour' have expressed their opinions, saying:

"Let's talk about some truth here for a minute. It's beyond obvious that the act getting the most positive press from the stadium tour is Poison. Not only for their short but amazing set list but also for the way they are blowing the other acts like Motley Crue and Def Leppard off the stage.

The biggest story of the tour so far is the way CC Deville has been showing respect to Eddie Van Halen with his version of "Eruption" that rivals Eddie's greatest moments of doing the solo live himself.

It's also not shocking what a downer it was to fans just a couple of weeks ago when Brett Michaels couldn't perform and how that led to somber performances from the other acts.

Thankfully Brett is now back and the band is once again playing their set at a very high level. It's beyond obvious that both Crue and Leppard don't want to follow them.

In many ways, Poison did those two bands a huge favor. Not only have they been a headlining act for decades, they also could've played hardball and demanded equal billing with the other two bands. Yet Poison knew they could do their talking on the stage, blow the other two headliners out of the water, and receive the positive press they are getting now.

Just a perfect example of hard work, dedication, and giving the fans what they came for."