Date February 18, 2001 / 537 reads

The following message was posted on Samantha 7's official website:

It is with great disappointment that I inform the loyal Samantha 7 fans of this news, but as most of you I?m sure have heard by now, Francis Ruiz has in fact decided to leave the band and move on to other musical projects. Therefore, he will not be touring Europe with Samantha 7 over the next 6 weeks. He and Krys still remain great friends and wish each other the best of luck in everything! Francis would undoubtedly like to thank all the fans for being supportive of him throughout this time, especially over the last few weeks. He really enjoyed meeting and talking to many of you while on the road this past fall, and sends his many thanks! His leg is also healing fine and will be as good as new again soon.

In the meantime, Samantha 7 has left for Europe and will be doing some shows there on their own, and some with Great White. They will not, however, do the extended run of the tour due to the album not yet being released throughout the entire European continent. The band lineup for these shows will be C.C. DeVille, Krys Baratto, and Ty Longley on rhythm guitar and vox, along with Derrick Pontier on drums.