GENE SIMMONS "C.C.DEVILLE Was Drunk And All Coked Up"

Date May 9, 2004 / 3620 reads

This email was sent to Metal Sludge by a source and here's his story:

I went to Gene Simmons record release party last night at the KeyClub. The event itself was boring as all fuck to be honest. No entertainment, they just played the CD over and over and over and over.... There were tons of Rock stars there including the replacement KISS players, Tommy Thayer, Bruce Kulick, and Eric Singer.

The upstairs was the fake VIP area, but the downstairs bar was the real VIP area. They had the doors closed and told everyone that nothing was going on in there, that that area was closed for the evening. When I finally got invited into the downstairs VIP area, that was where all the action as well as the open bar was.

I ended up at a table (very long booth with quite a few tables in front of it) with Gene Simmons, CC Deville, Bill Mahr, Ron Jeremy and a bunch of the girls on Gene's CD cover, as well as the above mentioned guys girlfriends. CC is a fucking strange fuck anyhow (but you guys know this already) but it was really apparent that he was coked out of his skull as well as drunk as fuck, but at this point seemed more on blow. Anyhow, everything was cool, Gene had like 8 TV cameras following him all over the club as well as downstairs filming what was going on at the booth. Gene is saying hello to everyone in the booth and giving a little face time on cam with each. CC goes to say hi to Gene and IMMEDIATELY, Gene asks him.... "are you ok?" CC says yeah, I am fine. Gene says you don't look fine, are you ok? CC is insisting that he is fine. Gene keeps up with this (all the while the cameras are rolling) then Gene kinda grabs his shoulders and tells him to look him in the eyes, Look in my eyes, let me see your eyes, he tells him a couple 2-3 times. I was trippin at Gene calling CC out on being high in front of everyone and the cameras... It was starting to feel really uncomfortable at this point, and CC is insisting he is ok and kissing Gene's ass. Gene tells him, something to the effect of, There is nothing worse than a Jew fucked up on drugs. That is not exact, but it is very close to what he said. At this point Gene leans over and starts whispering in CC's ear for at least a few minutes. Then the conversation went to something about how Gene won't give money to charity, but would give money to create jobs..... blah blah blah.......

Later in the evening I go to the Rainbow, a couple of my friends go to the Cat Club. They called me today and we compared notes on last night. They told me CC went to the Cat Club and was a drunken mess, stumbling around, knocking peoples drinks out of their hands, he knocked my buddy's drink out of his hand as well. He turned around and CC was very apologetic and nice, so he let it go...

At one point him and his chick (very hot 26 year old blonde) get into a "fuck you" kinda argument, and he grabs her around the neck, people jump on him and pull him away, he starts yelling about how much money he has spent on this chick and that she is just a whore...... She leaves the Cat Club.

I am sitting at the Bow, just had a bite then ran into another friend, we started talking I sat down in his booth and continued the conversation. This hot blonde is walking by, so I start applauding, she gives me a dirty look and keeps going, looking for someone in the restaurant. As she is walking back she sees me again and we started to talk, she sat down with us. She said she recognized me from across the table at the KeyClub, it was CC's chick. As we are talking, she gets a call and starts screaming in the phone "fuck you, you fucking loser piece of shit, go fuck yourself, I am done with you" etc..... She hangs up, giggles and says that it was CC on the phone. These phone calls went back and forth a few times, it was quite entertaining actually.

Back at the Cat Club. My friends said that CC chilled out for a bit and wanted to play guitar with the band. He is so fucked up he is falling all over the place, falls into the drum kit etc..... Could barely play... He finishes and is falling into everyone and being totally obnoxious. He crashes into my friend, knocks another drink out of his hand (as he, CC, is lunging at some guy, he grabs him around the neck) my buddy turns around and punches CC, the bouncers come over, grab CC and literally drag him out of the Cat Club on his belly. Why he got into it with the guy he grabbed around the neck, nobody seemed to know.\nBack at the Bow, CC's chick takes out some coke and chalks up a line on the table and snorts it in the middle of the restaurant w/o even worrying about looking around or being the slightest bit worried about it. The phone calls had stopped and we were just talking at this point. She is telling me what a fucked up mess CC is and how he is supposed to be going into rehab etc.... They kick us out of the Bow and I walk her back to her car, the valets left and took her keys. So, I take her to a friends to get a spare, then back to the car. During this, she calls him once again and they are going at it again on the phone, then she says that she is with this guy right now and that he has a really big cock and she is gonna fuck the shit out of him (me) tonight, then hangs up on him. At this point I am torn between trying to see if I could fuck her (she was hot as all fuck) and just getting the fuck out of there. I dropped her at her SUV and got the fuck out of there.

I thought the story was strange enough, but after talking to my friends at the Cat Club..... I thought you guys might like the story of the fucking most oddball night I have had in a while...

I don't know if Gene is gonna put up with CC's bullshit, drunkenness and drug use on this tour. He jumped his ass for it, being around him for less than 5 min. Should be interesting tour, see how long till Gene kicks them off of it.....

After Metal Sludge got this email, this went up on Metal Sludge's Gossip Board from a totally different person:

Last night CC Deville showed up at the Cat Club, wasted out of his mind. He played a song or 2 with the band and he could barely stand... he actually fell down a couple times. I don't know how it started but he was beating on some guy and then started hitting the guy trying to break it up. I think he even grabbed a girl by the neck at one point. The bouncers were throwing him out and he fell down, so they just drug him out by his hair. It was hilarious... and kinda sad at the same time.

The story going around is the guy C.C. got into a fight with is Kenny Kweens from Beautiful Creatures.

According to Metal Sludge, a couple of days later, somebody wrote to Gene about it on his website, GeneSimmons.com, and Gene confirmed what happened.

Just read on Metalsludge.com about CC Deville from Poison being all coked up at your Asshole party at the Key Club. It stated that you made him look in your eyes and tell you he was ok. It said more, but you get the point. Is this true? I really hoped CC would stay sober. I also believe he better get his shit together before you guys start the tour! I hope this story was wrong, as I can't imagine Paul and you putting up with this shit on tour. Anyways, see you in Houston and Texas!
Never stop rockin'
Steve Baginskie

Response from Gene: