KRYS BARATTO "Samantha 7 was a fun band"

Date June 7, 2005 / 2008 reads

Krys Baratto answered Metal Sludge's 20 Questions with..

What was the deal with Samantha 7? How did you get tapped to play bass for C.C. DeVille?s little project, how long did you spend working on the album, and were you ultimately happy with the recorded results? And why did you guys give up so quick? One album, basically one club tour, and then that was that. What gives?

Well here's how I hooked up with C.C. In my many musical endeavors and in my spare time I would do porn soundtracks. DeVille happened to be checking one out one time. Got to the end credits and it said music by Gerth. I rarely used my real name on anything I've done. Nonetheless he tracked me down, called me up, went up to meet with him, moved my studio into his house and started engineering/producing/playing bass/programing drums We were on our way. Spent 24/7/365 with him working on the stuff. Brought it to Kalodner. He said we needed a singer...go figure, but signed us anyway. We spent 11 days from recording to mix on the record. In the end I thought it sounded horrible. Still one of the worst "sounding" records I've heard. Now believe me, that's not a knock on Mudrock or Dave Thoener-they did a great job. I'll leave it at that. The demos I recorded sounded much better. Sonically. Energy. Everything. Ya know, C.C. was so involved with Poison and the label just wasn't behind the record at all. It wasn't in ANY of the stores when we came to town. C.C. went out on tour with Poison three weeks after our record was released ! Talk about brilliant timing. So, everything just kinda fizzled out. That's too bad it was a fun band.

Any plans for a Samantha 8? Or maybe a remastered version of the first album called Samantha 7.1??

Samantha 7 I have to tell you pricks, this is the best idea you have ever had ! I love the 7.1 . Actually, I've been talking to DeVille to try to get the masters back and send them here so I can remix it. If we add a song we could call it 7.1 or if we add 2 songs it could be 7.2 . What a great idea Thanks. I'd say I'll give you royalties off of that, but if it sold like the last one you wouldn't be able to afford bus fare to pick up your check !