LEMMY KILMISTER "C.C. Never Got Credit For Being A Great Guitar Player"

Date September 1, 2006 / 4885 reads

Metal Edge Magazine (September 2006)
Interview by Roger Lotring

A few excerpts of the Metal Edge interview with Lemmy Kilmister where he talked about the collaboration of C.C. DeVille on "Kiss of Death" album:

METAL EDGE: C.C. DeVille and Mike Inez played on the album; were you acquainted with either of them before?

LEMMY KILMISTER: Oh yeah, we've known them for years.

METAL EDGE: One normally just not associate C.C. DeVille with Motörhead. [laughs]

LEMMY KILMISTER: I thought that was great, 'cause I new it would pop poeple's heads off. And I wouldn't have put him on if he hadn't played great.

METAL EDGE: It wasn't the obvious move.

LEMMY KILMISTER: No. Well, we're pretty well known for not making the obvious fuckin' move. [Laughs]. But down at the studio that day, [guitarrist] Phil [Campbell] brought him over. And he [C.C.] was playing around, and Phil was playing around, and Phil said, "Wow, that was great." And I thought, yeah, okay, leave it on there, 'cause the last note of that solo [on "God Was Never On Your Side"] is fucking amazing. It hits the root note exactly the time you start singing. Exactly on the beat. It's really, really good, 'casuse when he did the solo, there wasn't any vocals on it. Very good--very good player. And we always knew he was a good player, because when we first met him, it was like 1990, I think, Poison where in the rehearsal studio next door to ours. And C.C., being the gragarius devil that he is, bounced in, and then started playing on one of Phil's guitars. He was playing amazing shit then. This is sixteen years later, so he's even better. And he's never given any credit for that, for being a great guitar player. Never, just because of the fuckin' hairstyle. If you listen the solo in "Unskinny Bop," it's incredible.