Date March 3, 2004 / 936 reads

Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks) in a recent interview with Metal Sludge's "20 Questions" slams Poison:

"But see, bands like Poison, who are a sucky band. I can say without worry, I know it, they suck. Or they?re pretty sucky. And they became so big, and they were so much bigger than they really?.you know, in relation to their talent, deserved to be. They go so big and being such a sucky band, people think, "oh, that?s rock ?n? roll. Cause they sell so many records they must be the real thing." And that gave rock ?n? roll a bad name. People who went to see them probably think, "oh yeah this is cool" but in the back of their mind they go, "well it doesn?t really move me and maybe I?ll just buy a hip hop record." So they contributed to destroying what?s good about rock by being phonies. That?s why I dislike and the worst thing that could happen to me, or Hanoi, is that we are being thought of as one of the 80s hair-metal bands. Cause people say we inspired or started some kind of glam revival, whatever. We never called ourselves glam or anything. We?re just a rock ?n? roll band."

"I don?t want to be associated with those [glam] bands. Somebody asked me yesterday if we would do a tour with Poison and I said, "certainly not!" Even though I know we?d wipe the floor with those guys."