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Date August 9, 1997 / 313 reads

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Poison Extract Bret Michaels To Make His Solo Debut

July 22 [16:00 EDT] -- Poison vocalist Bret Michaels has confirmed his solo debut for August 14 at Billboard Live in Los Angeles, billed as "Bret Michaels First Solo Performance, Hopefully Not His Last." He's also tentatively scheduled to appear on the Tonight Show August 13.

A spokesperson for Michaels says the singer has just finished putting together a band for the club appearance, but the core-group consists of "nobody you'd know." In other words, he says, "they're a bunch of old friends from the streets of L.A." But, he adds, watch out for some surprises. A number of guest rockers are expected and will be accommodated in a jam session at the end of the night. In addition to the rock crowd, a strong Hollywood contingent is expected given Michaels' recent foray into the movie business with partner Charlie Sheen, who will most certainly be on hand with friends in tow.

Michaels' new album also contains the soundtrack to his new movie, "Letter From Death Row."

The record, originally scheduled for Sept. 9, is now due Oct. 7. The movie, co-produced by Michaels and Charlie Sheen, will be released on Halloween.

Neither the solo venture nor the multiple movie deals being worked on by Sheen-Michaels Entertainment mean an end to Poison, though. Michaels and his metalheads have recently reunited with former guitarist C.C. DeVille and the group is currently planning a new album.