NIKKI SIXX On Calling POISON 'Fake Bullshit': 'It's Nothing Personal'

Date March 2, 2004 / 525 reads

MÖTLEY CRÜE/BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION bassist Nikki Sixx has posted a message downplaying his previous comments regarding his feelings for proposed touring partners POISON.

Sixx wrote on CRÜE's official web site today (March 2), "On the tour front, yes, KISS's manager told me we had the tour if we wanted it. I did explain to them it would depend on who is the special guest. We really appreciate such a cool offer, but it's important for us to feel comfortable with the package. Sometimes you tour for the betterment of the package, but as a new band we are trying to *like* the packages. I freaked when I saw it was announced that POISON was part of the tour because I told them that was not an option for the BRIDES. As far as my opinion, it isn't personal. They're cool guys and I have no beef with them as people. I JUST DON'T wanna tour with the band."