Order Crack A Smile Import CD; Limited Edition! UPDATE

Date March 17, 1997 / 381 reads

Source: fan email
Courtesy of Scott from Oregon, USA

I have been told via email that Terrible Ted's Imports has sold out of Poison's Crack a Smile already, but fear not! Buccaneer Records is rumored to have it and I've recieved email from a few people who have recieved their copy! Of course, there's a chance you may get ripped off from them (I've never done business with them), but I have heard only good things! Their number is 1-410-931-9380. They are selling Crack a Smile for around $25. This limited edition CD includes the 12 songs previewed on this site, plus 7 MTV Unplugged tracks with C.C. DeVille. Remember, buy at your own risk!!