PARIS Life on the Plant

Date November 11, 1983 / 689 reads

Pennsylvania Musician
Sent by Jenni Kleinschmidt
Transcript by Lisa Welch

Having gone through primal scream therapy, due to the audience's reaction to PARIS'S debut appearance, I cleared my ears and made my way through their all female security harem. I asked the boys a few questions and got the low down on this powerful new act.

It seems the band is substantially all original with one hell of an energetic show. When asked why they chose an original path, laughing, mad bass man, Bobby Dall replied, "Basically none of us could afford the albums to learn the songs." seriously," added Bret Michael Star lead throat, "we all feel we can really express our extreme attitudes this way, Its going to be tough," he continued, "but we're confident we can do it, and besides, who can do us better than us!"

I asked them if they felt the area was ready for PARIS? "No,we're not ready for ourselves," laughs blonde bomber and guitarist, Matthew Smith, "But we feel Central PA always supports their bands and PARIS will be right there to scream out Rock 'n' Roll!"

When I asked them how they came up with the name PARIS, they replied in unison..."Une prostituee francaise sugg'era le nom!" "Can you interpret that?" I asked. "No, we don't speak French." replied Bobby Dall.

PARIS has just finished laying down some hot tracks at Dane Studios owned by Doug Phillips (Shark Drummer) and things look good for an L.P. on "List Records." However, the band's local point seems to be nothing short of a hurricane stage show. Drummer, Rik Rockett expresses the show as..."Outrageous and contagious, high energy, glam slam from beginning to end, with all the thrills and frills of your first f...." Rik gets bleeped out before he can finish his statement. Well, lets just say it sure ain't the BEACH BOYS tour!