POISON Biloxi, MS (July 8) Video Footage Available

Date July 9, 2011 / 786 reads

Running out on the stage in a mask and spray painting "Biloxi" across his drums, Rikki Rockett set the tone for our next musical adventure. With guitarist CC DeVille and bassist Bobby Dall hitting the opening chords of long-time set-starter "Look What The Cat Dragged In", Bret Michaels rose from the pyro above the drums and brought his brand of playful sexy fun to an audience so ready for them, it was unbelievable. This band could sit on the stage and make faces at each other and the fans would still cheer and take ten thousand pictures.

Michaels not only wore a tan and his trade-mark cowboy hat, but a smile bright enough to light the heavens above. "It is good to be alive and well and standing on this stage in Biloxi, Mississippi," he said with sincerity after explaining how much his family and friends gave him the strength to get well and get back to music after his medical emergency in 2010. He told of loving this town, the site of his comeback concert, and being glad to once again be here. "So help me sing this one", which turned out to be the ginormous hit "Every Rose Has It?s Thorn".

Following a Michaels-induced chant of "welcome back, CC", the guitarist went absolutely wild, finger-tapping some evil licks that led into "Fallen Angel". Rockett?s drum solo highlighted his penchant for drumstick acrobatics and "Unkinny Bop" had Michaels shaking his maracas, literally. But it was the perky rockers "Talk Dirty To Me" and "Nothin? But A Good Time" that proves what Poison are all about. They make no excuses for being the party band of choice. They, in fact, run like hell with it.

Review by Leslie Michele Derrough, glidemagazine.com