POISON's Crack a Smile Album Pushed Back to January 1996

Date August 16, 1995 / 884 reads

The following message comes from Blues Saraceno:

"Greetings! Sorry I haven't posted lately. But as I have explained before, I don't have a computer and only get to use one sporadically. As most of you well know, the record has been pushed back to January. No one is more disappointed than I - believe me! I truly want everyone to hear this record - as I feel it is the strongest Poison record and has some of what I feel is some of my best guitar work to date!

We will tour and release a single hopefully in January - please keep in mind that we have to cooperate with the record label, as they are THE HAND THAT FEEDS US!!! They have asked for a little more time and feel it would be in everyone's best interest to release the CD in Jan. I wish we could release it tomorrow, we as a band feel that the label is doing what they feel is the best move. We are cooperating in full effect. During the down time, each member is doing his own thing. Bret has moved to Nashville, Rikki is working on a comic book, Bobby is improving his golf game while looking after band business and I am working on solo project material as well as doing the music for Fox's fall season. Fox TV is going to put me on their Web site, so you'll be able to get a lot more information about what I am doing. You will also see me in a commercial for Fox in conjunction with their 'Cool Like Us' ad campaign. (Cool, huh?)

I wish I could post more often, but until we get rolling, there's really not much to say! All members are incredibly busy and excited about going on the road. We hope to shoot our video (again, as you know) in January. We are all very eager and excited for what the future holds. I really appreciate everyone's e-mail and I'm trying to write back each and every one!!

I'll keep you up to date as stuff happens. Talk to everyone soon! Stay out of trouble!!! Blues"