POISON "Greatest Hits" Album Reviewed by E-zine

Date July 21, 1997 / 581 reads

Source: Striktly For Konissuers
Courtesy of Scott from Oregon, USA

Boy, one listen to this just proved to me what a GREAT singles band Poison really was. While I felt that most (if not all) of their albums were chock full of filler, pulling all the best songs and putting them in this one (and inevitable) collection has left us with one of the most perfect and addictive CD's ever. Tall words, eh? But from classic glam rockers like "Nothin' But A Good Time", "Talk Dirty To Me" and "Ride The Wind" to their spine tingling ballads like "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" and "I Won't Forget You" left me at a loss for words. Simply put, Bret Michaels is a hell of a lot better songwriter than I think anyone would dare give him credit for. They top the whole shabang off with two songs from the unreleased "Crack A Smile" (in the form of "Sexual Thing" and the AOR-tinged "Lay Your Body Down"). This collection shows Poison at their best and in a perfect world they would be remembered as nothing more than a great pop (power pop?) band.