Date July 26, 2002 / 2368 reads

POISON will take part in the Pennsylvania Pocono 500 NASCAR race on July 28th. The event will be broadcast on TNT beginning at 12:30 pm (EST). Daytona 500 winner Derrike Cope will be racing the Poison/Hollyweird NASCAR there. Poison is featured as the hood design and paint scheme on the Quest Motor Racing #37 Ford driven by Cope and sponsored by MNR Productions. With Poison taking a short break after the first leg of the Hollyweird World tour, lead vocalist Bret Michaels and bassist Bobby Dall will live out a dream as honorary guests and actually work as part of the pit crew for Derrike that day. This year marks Derrike's 20th year as a Winston Cup driver. Derrike joined Poison on stage in Pittsburgh recently to announce this. The car has actually been on tour with Poison for the last couple of weeks and fans have gotten a chance to sit in the car and have pictures taken. Drawings of the car can be seen at Derrike's website: www.derrikecope.com. The car impressed fans so much that the NASCAR Racing 2002 computer game company have designed the car into the game, and you can download files for the game and race the Poison/Hollyweird car yourself! All users need to do to have the car in their NASCAR 2002 game is unzip the 2 car files into the games car folder. Usually located within C:\\Papyrus\\NASCAR Racing 2002\\Season\\Series\\CupCars and then they show up in the game. If anyone should need help you can contact the folks at www.simpaints.com and they would be glad to help. Also, watch for the Poison/Hollyweird car to be driven by Cope in two very high profile upcoming races: the Brickyard 400 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on August 4th which will be televised on NBC, and the race of all races, the 2003 Daytona 500, which Derrike has won in the past. "This is truly a dream come true, and anyone who has seen my MTV Cribs special will understand, as I have a mini sprint car track and moto-cross track on my property and love NASCAR races," says Bret Michaels.