POISON's Original Members Plan Album, Tour

Date April 30, 1998 / 957 reads

Source: www.rocktropolis.com special thanks to Rob
Courtesy of Scott from Oregon, USA

The original members of Poison are currently writing songs for a new album to be released in early 1999, says frontman Bret Michaels. The reunited band, which includes guitarist C.C. DeVille, bassist Bobby Dall, and drummer Rikki Rocket, is also hoping to hit the road towards the end of summer.

Though nothing has been confirmed as far as the tour goes, the group is looking to travel with Whitesnake and Dokken for about a month's worth of U.S. dates, according to Michaels. Meanwhile, Michaels is also expected to tour as a solo act sometime in July in support of his forthcoming soundtrack album A Letter from Death Row, due July 28.

As for the upcoming Poison album, Michaels says, "We just got together about two months ago [to write]. The stuff sounds amazing, but I didn't want to be back in Poison, in that situation, without C.C. [DeVille]. To me, that's the band. So it feels kind of weird when you get a Richie Kotzen or a Blues [Saraceno], who are both great players, but it doesn't feel the same."

The original members of the group, who are famous for such hits as "Nothin' But a Good Time," "Talk Dirty to Me," and "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," have not performed together since 1991.

"It was weird [playing together again]," says the singer. "We spent four days, wrote and rehearsed all day and night, and probably roughly recorded about 15 songs. There were so many ideas that they were poppin'. We were like, 'Boom! Well, I got this. No wait, I got this,' and it just flew. And the magic of me and C.C. writing together again -- it felt good."

When asked about whether or not his legal traumas with the Internet Entertainment Group (IEG) (allstar, April 27), would inspire any material on the album, he replied, "They don't need any more notoriety than they've already got," and jokingly added, "That right there is a double album, on that subject alone."

-Tina Johnson