POISON's Original Members Readying Reunion Album

Date April 30, 1998 / 317 reads

Source: MTV News Gallery
Courtesy of Scott from Oregon, USA

Poison's original line-up is now writing songs for a reunion album that it plans to release next year, the band's first studio effort with guitarist C.C. DeVille since 1990's "Flesh & Blood."

One year ago we first reported the band's plans to bring DeVille back into the fold and record a new studio album, and now the band has apparently begun work in earnest on the effort.

It could be a busy summer for Poison frontman Bret Michaels, who, we previously reported, recently won a legal battle with a company that had planned to market a sexually explicit video of the singer with former girlfriend Pamela Anderson. In addition to the Poison reunion tour, Michaels also hopes to stage a solo tour this summer to promote the soundtrack to his movie, A Letter To Death Row.

The film is a product of the partnership between Michaels and Charlie Sheen, who formed Sheen/Michaels Entertainment early last year.