Date September 20, 2011 / 2140 reads

Becko of Australia's Triple M radio station recently asked Bret Michaels about his band's feud in the 1980s with Axl Rose and GUNS N' ROSES and whether it has continued to this day.

"Let me be very straight with that," Bret replied. "That was more of a feud in the media than it was in real life.

"GUNS N' ROSES, MÖTLEY CRÜE and POISON were rock bands that were really passionate about what they did. Without a doubt there's a certain amount of competition. You wanna go out there and put on the best show but that friendly competition is good.

"It helped to sell records back then. GUNS N' ROSES and POISON were touring, doing the same stadiums and both record labels ? Capitol and Geffen ? they'd go back and forth with these big publicity releases and then I would see the guys, I'd go to their shows and hang out with them ? and I'm thinking 'in the media we're fighting but in the real world we're friends.' 'Appetite For Destruction' is one of my Top 10 ever favorite records."


WebMaster's Note: Well, Bret Michaels (or any of the POISON members) probably never knew this, but most part of old POISON fans that lived in the 80s lived that feud in their own flesh. Remember that? Fags vs Brats... C.C. vs Slash! And some of us still live that feud... personally, I still think GNR is, was and always will be a HUGE piece of SH*T!! POISON RULES!!