POISON Stage And Gear Destroyed By Fire

Date August 31, 2003 / 210 reads

POISON lost their stage, sound system, several instruments and multiple other items after one of their transport trucks caught fire Sunday morning (August 31) en route to the band's gig in Clarkston, Michigan.

"At approximately 3:00 a.m. CST one of POISON's transport trucks was disabled due to a fire beginning at the rear axel," reads an official press release on the incident. "Attempts were made by both the driver and the crew to extinguish the flames to no avail. Those attempts were halted after it was determined that there was pyro on the truck and it was more important to clear the immediate area and wait for local fire assistance for the safety of the crew and general public.

"The truck quickly became engulfed in flames, as the entire entourage watched from a distance. The highway was closed down while emergency teams battled the flames. Had it have not been for the quick response of the Scott County Sheriff's Department, Iowa State Highway Patrol and the Durant Fire Department, the band would have certainly lost everything in the truck.

"The band lost their stage, sound system, several instruments and multiple other items. The full effect will not be known until the band and crew can go through the salvage truck and fully inspect all remaining gear upon their arrival in Nashville September 1st.

"The band is will perform tonight (August 31) at DTE Energy Center in Detroit as scheduled. Despite the loss that they have encountered they will offer a raw and high energy performance show as their fans have come to expect. The band will also finish their tour as planned with no shows being missed due to this incident.

"The band thanks their fans for their understanding and continued support, especially under these circumstances."