POISON Sweden Rock Festival Concert Review, Photos and Videos Footage Available

Date June 8, 2008 / 472 reads

Poison played last night (June 7) at Sweden Rock Festival in Solvesborg Sweden. They took the stage 20 minutes later and played for about 80 minutes. According to Sweden Press "it was a miserable show, and the worst part was the C.C.DeVille solo", meanwhile the crowd declared "Poison was the perfect band for closing the Festival with a final party".

Poison Setlist:

Look what the cat dragged in
I want action
Ride the wind
I won?t forget you
What I like about you
Cry tough
Something to believe in
Your mama don?t dance
I need to know
Unskinny bop
Every rose has its thorn
Fallen angel
Talk dirty to me
Nothing but a good time

Look What The Cat Dragged In (live Sweden Rock 2008)

I Want Action (live Sweden Rock 2008)

Every Rose has Its Thorn (live Sweden Rock 2008)