POISON Tour Package Confirmed

Date March 10, 1999 / 465 reads

Source: MTV News

Poison, along with L.A. Guns, Ratt and Great White will hit the road together on a tour scheduled to kick off on the Memorial Day weekend. Poison's agent Troy Blakely of APA (Agency for the Performing Arts) says that while the bands are confirmed, the dates themselves are not. The bill headlines the original Poison, including returning guitarist C.C. DeVille, along with singer Bret Michaels, bassist Bobby Dall and drummer Rikki Rockett.

The confirmation follows previous tentative line-ups that included Cinderella, who have opted instead to go into the studio, and Dokken, who are rumored to be off the tour, thanks in part to their reluctance to share the bill with Great White. Blakely declined to comment on that situation other than to confirm that Dokken had been part of the initially proposed line-up.

A spokesperson for Poison tells MTV News that Michaels and crew have been in the studio recording on and off over the last year or two, but says there will not be a new Poison album released prior to the tour. The spokesperson confirms the group is currently without a label, but adds that negotiations are continuing with one of the big five record companies.

It's assumed that the interested label is still Sony, which has been signing a number of eighties metal acts including Poison tour mates Ratt and Great White. It's also assumed that Michaels has not yet settled his contractual dispute with Capital, the band's previous label which Michael has said in the past is still owed one more album under the terms of their contracts.

Meanwhile Michaels is also working on yet another movie. He begins directing a flick he scripted called "The Final Famous Scene" March 26 for his very active movie company. Another Michaels film, "No Code of Conduct," is expected out in the late spring or early summer.