POISON What's Hot for 1997

Date January 12, 1997 / 339 reads

Source: Metal Edge Magazine, April 1997 issue, pg. 18
Courtesy of Scott from Oregon, U.S.A

While Poison's last studio album remains shelved and may stay in limbo indefinitely, fans can look forward to new music featuring the original lineup by year's end, as the band has welcomed the now clean and sober C.C. DeVille back to the fold and songwriting is in progress. Bret Michaels, meanwhile, has a movie career--as an actor, screenwriter, and director--in the making. His A Letter From Death Row (and companion solo album) await release, he just got back from Bali, where he filmed the role of a self-proclaimed guru in In God's Hands (also due out this spring), and will next lens Celebrity Pizza in Las Vegas, where he recently moved. Bret also plans to act in and write a segment of Showtime's Red Shoe Diaries, tentatively called The Devil Inside, and which would air in the fall. Bret has talked about touring for his solo album, and there's also been talk of a summer package tour including Poison, but nothing is set. In the meantime, art-minded drummer Rikki Rockett is working on the latest installment of his Sisters of Mercy comic book series.