POISONFANCLUB.NET 12th Anniversary

Date January 22, 2010 / 956 reads

Today we are celebrating 12 years online.

We are proudly the only active Poison fan site on the web, so today we would like to take the time and thank each and everyone of you who has made this possible. And altough it has been a long-long road with highs and downs (you know.. good times.. bad times.. life loves tragedy) we are still here rock n rollin' harder than ever!!

If you haven't joined us yet, do it. This is not a simple webpage or community network. This is really much more than that, this is a family, OUR POISON FAMILY.

So today is our party and you (yes, YOU) are the very special guest, we hope you keep enjoying here your daily dose of Poison.

And you know.. let it play-let it play-let it play now!!

Patricio Carvajal H.
CEO & WebMaster of Poison F@n Club