POISONFANCLUB.NET 13th Anniversary

Date January 22, 2011 / 820 reads

In January 22 1998, the first version of our site was released. The site was written completely in spanish and called "Poison 100[%] Veneno". Today, 13 years later, we are still rockin', rollin' & kickin' asses on the web. We are proudly the oldest active POISON fan site and the only Poison place on the web where you can always find the latest news on the band.

So if you still don't know us, I can just only say that we are not just a simple community of fans, we are a family, a poisoned family who share their love for a band that after 25 years still rules our lifes. Please, never forget that this is a heart-and-hand made website, so feel free to join us and visit us whenever you want.

Finally, I would like to thank each & everyone for all your support during all this 13 years online. For all those who were, for all those who are, and for all those who will be.. we are envenenados!