POISON's Greatest Hits Compilation Due Out Nov.12

Date August 15, 1996 / 301 reads

The album Poison recorded with Blues Saraceno, Crack a Smile, remains in limbo, but there will be a record from the band this fall: a Greatest Hits compilation due out Nov. 12 that fulfills the band's seven album contract with Capitol Records.

There will also be a solo record from Bret Michaels to coincide with the release--to be determined, either late fall or early next year--of the movie he wrote, co-directed, and stars in, A Letter From Death Row. Bret does a surprisingly good job of portraying a convicted killer in the psychological thriller, and his real-life girlfriend Kristy Gibson is fine as the victim, a stripper. But the less said about the woman playing a writer who visits him in jail, the better. Comparisons to Susan Sarandon, who won an Oscar portraying a nun who befriends Death Row inmate Sean Penn in Dead Man Walking, come to mind, but this "actress" is nowhere close to being in the same league.