POISONWEBSITE Tops 50,000 Hits!

Date March 31, 1998 / 355 reads

Source: Linkexchange counter
Courtesy of Scott from Oregon, USA

The Poison Web Site has had 50,000 visitors since March 3, 1997. That counts only the people who made it past the main index page.

In that 393 day period, the site averaged just over 127 hits per day. The last 20,000 hits have happened over 143 days; an average of around 140 hits per day.

Thanks for making the Poison Web Site the most widely visited Poison site on the web!

At Rikki Rockett's request, I have renamed this site "The Official Unofficial Poison Web Site." He was afraid people would get it confused with the new site he's been putting together....just so you all know!