Date January 7, 2009 / 396 reads

Richie Kotzen has issued the following update:

"I have been busy touring and recording in 2008 and I am happy to announce the completion of a new CD. This is NOT to be considered my next solo CD (that is currently still in the works). What this is, is a project that I've always wanted to do, but for some reason never did... I teamed up with my long time pal Richie Zito and we recorded an eleven-song CD titled WILSON HAWK - 'The Road'. It is inspired by my love of classic R&B and soul music. This is not so much a 'guitarist' CD but more of a creative collaboration between me and some of my close musician friends.

"You can check out our MySpace page (work in progress) here. We have just posted four songs and hope to be adding videos and commentary on the making of the CD. The full CD is now available for download at the WILSON HAWK MySpace page (see above link). In the meantime, I hope to see some of you at my upcoming shows."