RICHIE KOTZEN refuses to stop in Warsaw

Date December 2, 2009 / 601 reads

RICHIE KOTZEN performed at Club Progresja in Warsaw, Poland on November 24th. Sleaze Roxx' Fat Peter reported: "The set was more than an hour and a half long, chock full of Richie's material - no MR. BIG and POISON songs at all. The audience was so much in awe that the very moment the band left the stage they started to clap and shout demanding more. And the band returned, six times in total, which was insanely excellent and without precedence in the history of this venue. The last time they came back the lights were already on and the soundmen started to disconnect the amplifiers. When at first the sound people refused to stop disconnecting the stage Richie pointed that, 'These people obviously want it, and if you stop us from giving them the music this will be the first time something like this happens in my 30 years of playing live'."