RICHIE KOTZEN Seeking Fan-Filmed Footage For Upcoming DVD

Date February 6, 2009 / 361 reads

Guitarist Richie Kotzen (ex-MR. BIG, POISON) has issued the following update:

"I am midway through my 2009 European tour and although the schedule is very busy (hardly any days off between shows) I am happy to say that it is going very well. I am very pleased with the new band (Demian Arriaga and David Felice). They are bringing a new life to the music and also are very inspiring to play with during the improv solo sections of my music. Once we are finished with the European dates, we have three Southern California shows. Then, after a short break we will finally go back to South America for live shows in Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.

"I have been noticing a lot of video filming at these shows as well as some very 'professional'-looking photographers taking pictures. Although I have always encouraged the recording of my shows (in the spirit of the GRATEFUL DEAD) I am going to ask you to send me some links to some of the high-resolution photos you may have taken during the show. I would also love to receive full-quality DV video files of what you may have filmed at my shows with the idea of compiling a best of moments DVD from this tour.

"Anyone who has any footage or photos they would be willing to share can e-mail me at contactus@richiekotzen.com. From there we can figure out the best way to get these files into our hands over here... be it FTP downloads or standard mail."