RIKKI ROCKETT "47th & Nowhere" Short Film Posted Online

Date March 14, 2004 / 346 reads

A short film co-written by Rikki Rockett is available for viewing at Rockett's official web site. The 12-minute, 45-second suspense thriller entitled "47th & Nowhere" can be checked out in Quicktime format at this location.

"47th & Nowhere" was shown at the "Haunted Dollhouse" art show on Nov. 8, 2003 and will soon be made available on DVD.

The following is the film's synopsis, as posted on Rikki's web site: "Based on stories of the unsolved murders of the high desert methamphetamine labs. Two girls (Helen and Roxy) drive out to the high desert to meet their friend (Amy) who is staying at her new boyfriend's house for the weekend. Helen and Roxy have not yet met the new boyfriend and when they finally arrive, are met by a strange man. The man who they assume is the new boyfriend, tells them that Amy has gone into town for some things. When Amy is still nowhere to be found hours later, the girls become suspicious and Roxy ventures out to his work shed. Helen becomes impatient and investigates the house only to discover the horrible truth which leads to a showdown."