RIKKI ROCKETT Addresses New LP Delays

Date August 16, 1999 / 409 reads

Source: MTV News

Poison is coming off of a very successful road trip with returning guitarist C.C. DeVille, but don't expect a new album anytime soon, says drummer Rikki Rockett.

The group first announced in 1997 that DeVille had rejoined Poison and that the original foursome intended to record together. So far, aside from scattered reports of the odd session, there's been no album in sight, just last year's solo project by singer Bret Michaels.

Rockett, responding to a series of posts on a "Metal Edge" magazine bulletin board from fans concerned about the delays and conflicting stories regarding the future of Poison, wrote that the plan is for the band to continue and record a new album. He added, however, that "C.C. and Bret must mend a few minor, but possible major, details on how to work together."

Even though the bandmembers worked well together well on the road, that hasn't necessarily been the case with songwriting, according to Rockett. "Writing songs is a different story and all of us have to be firing on all eight cylinders for great songs to happen," he wrote. "We actually wrote a few on the road and we all think this could happen."

The post alluded to dissent regarding DeVille's decision to record an album with his other band, the Stepmothers, before embarking on a new Poison record. But it also conceded that DeVille put the project on hold to do the tour in the first place, and that the band had agreed to give him the time to do his own album.

"C.C. likes being in Poison and this is not an indication that Poison is over by any means," the drummer wrote.

Meanwhile, fans will have to be pacified by a live album scheduled for later this year. According to Rockett, the project is intended to capture the summer tour, try some new songs on for size, and generally show off the capabilities of the newly reformed band. "A studio record would take quite a bit of time," Rockett pointed out, "and we want to be able to tour again next summer."

The drummer also added that the band still has to sign a record deal, which takes time and effort, while a live record with new songs is something that can be taken on by the band on its own.

Poison has yet to solidify its label status since a falling-out with Capitol Records over the stalled, and eventually cancelled, release of its last album, "Crack A Smile." A recent report in "Metal Edge" indicated that the band is negotiating with both Sony's Portrait label under the auspices of metal guru John Kalodner, and that it may also mend fences with its old label, Capitol.

A spokesperson for Poison confirms that the group has been in discussions with a variety of people, but that "nothing is set as of today."