RIKKI ROCKETT Announces "Rockett Drum Works Inc." (Press Release)

Date April 26, 2007 / 935 reads

Rockett Drum Works

Hi, I'm Rikki Rockett and I have been playing with the rock band Poison for over 25 years. Before then, I played in a slew of Top 40 and Garage/Basement bands. I have watched the state of drum building evolve over that time and have learned a thing or two about the process. I had always paid close attention to detail and was one of the first early players to customize both the paint jobs and the hardware of my kits.With one exception I have always played boutique, custom and high quality drums. I spent 14 years playing DW Drums, 2 years with Innovation Drum Co. and 2 years with Pork Pie Percussion.After close to 20 years of endorsing other companies drums, I decided to start building them myself. What I have to offer is a fully custom line of drums tailored to the player. I have brought all the years of my experience as both a player and a "drum tweeker" to the table.Now, you may have noticed that there are several custom type drum companies around these days. I do not see these companies as my competition, but as my brethren and I invite you to make sure and check them out before you buy.I have my own niche in this business and I am happy to know there are other companies filling other niches. Take your time and really examine the products before you lay your cash down.What I am offering is 100% American made drums, constructed at our facility in Southern California by drummers. All of my staff are caring, highly skilled drummers and craftsman. We play what we build and we stand by what we build. My goal is to offer something special to the player who wants something other than the typical "off the rack" drums. Something that makes a statement. Something that reflects you, the player. No matter if you are a rock, punk, jazz or a country artist, Rockett Drum Works has drums that will match your playing style.Rockett Drum Works prides itself on producing fully custom drums. However, besides creating full on custom "one-off" drums kits and snare drums, we produce several "Limited" series. The "Limited" series allows customers to have a very special kit or snare drum without the longer waiting period of a fully custom order. We not only cater to individuals, we also cater to shops who seek to carry a line that no one else on the market has. We basically will custom create a line for your shop.I urge you to poke around our website, look around the net and talk to some of our players. I believe that you'll see what we have going here is a special blend of quality, integrity and style.
I hope to work with you,
Rikki Rockett (President)