RIKKI ROCKETT "BRET doesnt want to work with POISON on a record"

Date October 25, 2010 / 1490 reads

In response to Bret's words, Rikki Rockett replied with the following message in his Facebook profile: "He's right! Bret doesn't want to work with Poison on a record. Therefore, no Poison record. Bret said it, not me!"

Then, later he added "I'm not trying to start a public battle between Bret and I. I'm simply answering a question, mind you. I know C.C. and I want to make a record and I'm pretty sure Bobby does. That should answer everyone's questions.

I just keep getting asked about a new Poison record and I want everyone to know the reason why it isn't happening right now. It's true, Bret is busy with his own stuff. Poison is less important to him these days. Bret has said that he will tour for the 25th. I think he will. Should Poison record new songs? Absolutely we should! [but] I just am tired of answering the record making question when it's not MY fault if we don't make one. My point is, ask Bret, not me. He was asked. You got your answer. We haven't made a real record in years. I'm not really surprised.

I believe in side projects and I personally have always had a ton of stuff that I am involved in. That's all cool, but Poison is my priority always. Actually, Brian Nutter (Keith Urban) and I do have a little side project. We just haven't really turned up the heat yet."