RIKKI ROCKETT Dispels Rumors

Date August 1, 1999 / 286 reads

Rikki Rockett posted the following message on Metal Edge Magazine BBS

To everyone Posting here,
I understand why this BBS exists and I just want to tell you the real reasons for Poison delays, etc. One thing first, thank you for caring. Don't think I or any other Poison member isn't touched by stuff like this. You all rock!

C.C. and Bret must mend a few minor , but possible major details on how to work together. We have gotten past the touring part, obviously, as we had a great summer tour and all got along just great. However, writing songs is a different story and all of us have to be firing on all eight cylinders for great songs to happen. We actually wrote a few on the road and we all think this could happen.

The reason for the live record is not to try and sell the same songs again, but 1. To capture the summer tour. 2. Try some new songs on for size. 3. Quickly be able to serve up some new songs as a good measure as to what we are capable of now as newly reformed band. A studio record would take quite a bit of time and we want to be able to tour again next summer. (Realize, we'd have to do a record deal and deal with all kinds of sh!t to make it happen. A live record with new songs we can do ourselves).

As for C.C., this past summer tour was put together rather quickly. C.C. actually put the Stepmothers record on hold for the Poison summer tour. We all agreed that we would give him the space to do the record when we came off tour. C.C. likes being in Poison and this is not an indication that Poison is over by any means.

Many people have gotten the impression from the VH-1 piece that it would be over after this tour. Realize that the VH-1 thing was taped 6 weeks before the tour. Poison hadn't even played together in the same room yet! Things are different now. That's all I have for now. I won't be making a habit of writing on this BBS because I only have so much news anyway. I'll post any new stuff on the Poison site (www.poisonweb.com) that comes my way.

Thank you all again for givin' a sh!t. Please don't read between the lines on anything I've said. We (Poison) want this all to work, believe me. We all still believe in the music and none of us have turned on our fans or the spirit of Poison and the music that fuels it all.

Rikki Rockett