Date February 18, 2000 / 494 reads

This morning Metal Sludge received this email from Rikki Rockett about Tracii Guns.

Dearest Metal Sludge,
Tracii Guns is a wonderful human being. I feel really bad that he was on this Poison roller coaster ride the last few weeks.
What can I say? After we pistol whipped C.C., he came around to his senses. It was also really fun delivering elbow blows to the back of C.C.'s neck U.F.C. style. It's was a real kick pulling out his asshairs with duct tape too! Well, enough of my self-indulgent rambling.
Back to Tracii... He is an amazing sport and a fine player. He deserves the best things in life. He has paid his dues and keeps on keepin' on! That guy is one of a kind. Poison will miss him.
Poison wanted to stop the guitar player merry-go-round. I mean, we are tired of having a list of players longer than the freckles on Danny Bonaduce's ass. We played it cool for a little while with DeVille, treating him like Marcia Brady at a satanic coven meeting, but he hung in there and continued to aplogize. He has been a good sport too. We shoved epoxy up his ass and gave him ex-lax and he still hung in there. We weren't going to get really mean or anything, that would have been a perverted display of power.
So, yeah, C.C. is back like herpes. We do love the little bastard... and so do you! Admit it!

Rikki Rockett (Not really on behalf of Poison cause they haven't seen this letter.)