RIKKI ROCKETT "Fans Are All We Ever Had. The Industry Never Really Liked POISON"

Date July 12, 1998 / 298 reads

Rikki Rockett Posted this message at the POISONWEB Board:

The whole story... (sort of)

Some people seem to misunderstand what happend with Poison over the last few years. Here is a brief synopsis...

After the departure of CC, we (Poison) did a lot of soul searching before getting Richie. We wanted Poiosn to be a new Poison, retaining the old energy, but not trying to replace CC as such. After the decision was made, we made the best record we could make with this new member. It wasn't the old Poison, but it was Poison. When the $&^% hit the fan with Richie (long story), we found ourselves in a situation that we were commited to fullfilling... the rest of a tour.

Enter Blues... I, specifically, wanted Blues. I though he was more Poison than Richie and would work fine. However, we did talk with CC and he was still in addict phase at the time and wasn't intersted in playing with us. So, we got Blues. He was probably more inclined to be a good Poison member 2 years earlier when we had first met him. We figured he would come back around mentally. (Blues was becoming a psydo alternative guy by this time). The touring was fun and the recording process was miserable. Why? Blues was a solo artist at heart and working as a team was tough. At any rate, the record came out great as far as I was concerned and I'm still proud of CAS. However, if Blues doesn't get paid for every #$%^&*(tiny thing he does, Blues is outta there.

Enter Capitol, the new alternative big wigs... The new pres. was the guy that signed Nirvana at another label and he hates Poison but was stuck with us. He hated the record and us, especially without CC. Capitol lied to us and said they wanted to rlease the record and then didn't. Releasing a "Greatest hits" would get them more money with less effort and be able to get rid of us since out contract ended at that stage. That's what happened up till now. Bret got paranoid and started making solo deals and everyone in the band started to scramble to keep something going in some way. Then... CC got straight and posed the question... well, maybe we can? we siad, that's the real us, CC with Poison, so off to the press we went.

Well, now Bret has commitments he must fullfill as well as the rest of us. The big question we ask ourselves... quit while we are still in everyones minds, an arena act where we left off? Or, risk it to end up like some of the other bands falling flat on thierface? Can we do it again? I think we sure as hell can, but is the industry ready to support us again? The answer to that is no! So, we must prepare for the fight if we are to try it again. I think we will.

So, as you can see, it sure ain't about @#$%^&* over our fans. Fans are all we have. As a matter of fact, fans are all we ever had. The industry never eally liked Poison.