Date March 22, 2003 / 523 reads

Ron Mwangaguhunga of MacDirectory recently conducted an interview with Rikki Rockett, a few excerpts follow below:

(MacDirectory asked what the new sound [of Hollyweird album] was about)

"The songs are unnerving, retro songs with futuristic strip club sensibilities! That's what we do."

"Normally, the way we handle writing is we just go in the studio and do it the way we've always done it. We jam like a garage band. We bring ideas in. When we write songs we try not to sit down and go: you know what, this song is a little bit country sounding, let's steer away from that. That's how 'Every Rose Has Its Thorn' got written. We let the songs flow and be what they are. Another example is 'Power To The People.' It wasn't like we said: 'Oh god, this is going to be too heavy to be a Poison song.' We just wrote it and it came out that way. That's what we do with everything. The new songs on 'Hollyweird' are like that. Some are a little heavier. Some are a little lighter. But they retain our sound. What Poison fans can expect from Poison is what they are going to get. They're all songs that we've put our signatures on."