RIKKI ROCKETT "Hollyweird Production Is Not Bullshit"

Date May 28, 2002 / 320 reads

Interview by Jesse Capps of http://www.rockconfidential.com

How's the tour going so far? Any highlights?

The tour is going just peachy. A particular highlight would be the flying gong I insisted on trying. It was very spinal tap, very Rikki and is very much behind us now.

"Hollyweird" debuted on Billboard's Top 200 Chart at #103. Knowing you guys did it on your own without the help of a 'major' record label, how does that make you feel?

It makes me feel like shit! I wanted a really bad showing. Kidding! No, of course it makes me feel great.

What do you attribute the strong sales to?

Our earlier hits, years of touring, sticking to our guns and fantastic fans.

Speaking of record labels, have any approached Poison with interest in signing you guys? John Kalodner, maybe?

Yes, several, including John. We are just at a point where we have to have the right combination of support to make it make sense. Otherwise, it isn't worth it. We are in control this way.

A lot of fans think the production of "Hollyweird" isn't up to the Poison standard. What is your explanation for this?

I think that's bullshit. Producer Thom Pununzio is awesome and has a legacy of engineering and producing including the upcoming Ozzy. Certain people just want to rip on Poison because we have made another step in our history and they want to defeat us.

Are there any plans for Poison to do indoor shows?

Yes, there are several on the list of shows.

What was the last CD you bought? Any new bands you like?

Alice Cooper's Billion Dollar Babies re-master. Yeah, I like the Strokes.

Is there anyone you'd like to tour with?

The Rolling Stones. Who cares if we get booed. We played with the Stones!

Any cool bands jumped on stage and jammed with you this year?

Syvain from the New York Dolls joined us in Atlanta. Vinnie Paul from Pantera in Dallas and Vince Neil in Vegas.

I saw the bass player for the country group Trick Pony in the crowd at your show last week in Nashville. Are you surprised by the wide audience Poison attracts?

Quite a bit at times. I find it very refreshing. Music is meant to be enjoyed by everybody. We don't pick our audience, we do what we do and let them pick us.

Faster Pussycat has really changed their look over what some fans remember of them. What are your thoughts on that?

Good for them that they have balls to do what they do. Change is good.

Does Poison ask to see a set run-through by potential opening bands before you decide who gets the gig?

No, we know the bands and what they do.

What kind of limitations are put on opening acts?

Not many. Their are certain band, stage changeovers that require a certain amount of resonable space constraint due to the small amount of time to make the set change happen on a four act bill. We just ask for mutual respect with guests and certain demands. We want the opening bands to have a great show. This is a package, not a hazing process.

What would you consider to be the pinnacle of success?

I am at the pinnacle as far as Poison goes, because success is what you give yourself when you set goals and achive them. Fame is what others give you, this is often confused. I have many more goals both musically, personally and artistically, but with Poison we have a career doing what we love and that is a success story from the cockroach wherehouse to this point where we have influenced so many.

What do you hate the most about the music business?

People forget that this is an art form, it isn't modeling and the best bands are those that have stuck around, like Aerosmith, the Stones, etc. I feel for the throw away artists and the biz does that more than ever these days to many of them.

What was your worst gig ever?

Someone slipped me acid once and I didn't know what the drumsticks were suppose to be used for.

What's the most significant thing you've learned lately?

Never moon a werewolf.

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Well, why not end with another quote... "To love another person is to see the face of God."