RIKKI ROCKETT: 'I Am Over The Nasty Memes And Political Rhetoric'

Date December 27, 2019 / 862 reads

Rikki Rockett says that he will no longer allow "nasty people" to "take up space" on his Facebook page, saying that only those individuals who are "creative, funny or have some kind of positive contribution" will be invited to post in his feed.

Rikki took to his Facebook earlier today to bemoan the ever-growing mass of political memes — those sharable images laced with offbeat humor — explaining that some of his "friends" on the social media platform "simply recycle the same old nasty grams over and over thinking that it will change the world."

Rikki wrote "I have been thinking long and hard about what makes me happy on social media and I have come to a conclusion and it's simple… positivity.

"Heading into the New Year, unless you are creative, funny or have some kind of positive contribution, I am going to unfriend you and replace you with these types of people.

"I am over the nasty memes and political rhetoric. Some of you simply recycle the same old nasty grams over and over thinking that it will change the world. Guess what you get? Push back! I'm not against memes, but unless you can follow up your meme with kind of logical solution, I am simply over it.

"I will no longer have nasty people taking up space on my Facebook page. You can follow me, but you can't post. I want to look at my feed and be provoked thoughtfully, learn something, be entertained or be in awe of something you did positive with your day.

"Now, we all have our days, I certainly do. However, if I go to your profile and it's nasty grams about Pelosi or Trump or whomever, I'm just not going to invite that into my feed everyday. It's negative energy. You aren't being creative or witty. You are recycling someone else's ideals. Think for yourself! If I want the news, I'll read the news and make my own mind up, not hear it from some contorted meme from some random person on Facebook.

"This isn't me grandstanding. I have done all the nasties myself and I am apologizing right now for it. I no longer want to be part of the 'You suck if you don't agree with me' culture. To each their own, but if you get off on fighting with people and deliberately triggering others on Facebook everyday because their perspective is different from yours, I won't allow you in my feed. Doesn't mean I can't take a joke. Just done with the endless barrage of cutting humor designed to mask someone's true feelings of racism or whatever else they want to try and get away with.

"Let's have a Happy, fun and creative new year!

"Much Love! Rikki"