RIKKI ROCKETT "I Don't Know What The Hell Is Going On... POISON Has Been Gone"

Date July 8, 1998 / 318 reads


Rikki, please update us on the band members.
On Poison... Everything is f***ed up and I don't know what the hell is going on.

what's cc up to?
I don't what the f*** CC is doing.
Or Bobby for that matter.
I'm ready to go and the rest of the guys are f***in around.
Well, Bret is doing his record, Bobby is just doing.. whatever and now I hear all this sh** about CC and he isn't calling me. Nice, huh?
Technically, CC never officially rejoined Poison.
I was told we would do a record in Oct. or so. So, we'll see. But I need to move on till then.

Is Bret ready?
Bret says he is, but he is doing his record at the moment. So, who knows really.
Bret has been doing a f***in record for f***in ever.

Rikki, what is the latest that you've heard from Bobby?
I haven't heard sh** from Bob.

Rikki, damn it, don't let POISON fade away! Don't do it!
Poison has been gone. It's a question of whether Poison can go on.

this is not a situation which can't be helped, rikki, .. its a problem, you need to find a solution
I can't make people do what they don't want to do. Period.