RIKKI ROCKETT "I Really Wish A New POISON Album"

Date April 3, 2017 / 930 reads

Rikki Rockett sits down with Mitch Lafon to discuss the band's current tour with Tesla & Def Leppard, a new album from Poison, touring as The Special Guests, C.C. DeVille, his recent health scare, and much more. A couple of excerpts follow below:

Is it just this tour thing or can we expect something else afterwards.. and album... anything?

I really wish that we will.. I wanted to do that from the beginning, I love going in the studio I love creating and writing songs and things like that. That's why I started Devil City Angels because I was sort of frustrated with Poison wasn't doing anything creative (...) it's always on me to try the rest of the guys get on board and work again (...) I don't know why we can't just together and make that happen.. it just seems like there's a huge thing just like an obstacle, I don't know why.

"Stand" is a great song, "Until You Suffer Some (Fire & Ice)" is a great song, is there a chance that you might revive those in a live setting or even at some point if you do a new album do a couple of re-records and just sort of give them the C.C. original 4 Poison treatment?

You know what? probably not but, it is not possible, we did do, I think we did Stand once with C.C., for you know 10 shows or something, but, you know I don't wanna do that (...) we have enough of our catalogue, we don't have to bring the songs we did with Richie .

The Special Guests, you went out with Bobby and C.C. and Brandon and did some shows as "The Special Guests" was that just you guys having fun or was that you guys sending a message?

It was sort of like.. you know Poison isn't Poison without Bret, it's not Poison without any of us, however we got offered a few gigs (...) all really wanted to do and Bret has some other things (...) we didn't discuss it with him, we just said "you know, let's go out do this, we're not gonna do this as POISON (...) because we're not gonna try fake it, this is a new POISON, you know? everybody knew us working with Brandon because of DCA (...) Bobby and C.C. both like him so we're like why not do this gigs, why not do a few gigs with him, let's just do it, why should we sat home while Bret does things, you know what I mean?" That's the only message "Hey Bret we are not sit around either" you know it wasn't like we are replacing you but it was kind of like of we're not gonna just set our stop or either.