RIKKI ROCKETT Is Going To Animate KNAC's Pokémon Parody

Date December 13, 1999 / 423 reads

Gail Worley talked on the phone with Rikki Rockett. A few excerpts follow below.

One night, a few weeks before Christmas, I had Rikki Rockett's home phone number in my hand. I was writing a story on this Pokemon parody called Tokemon, based on little characters who smoke pot and get loaded. When I found out that Tokemon was being animated by Rikki, I got his phone number from a publicist so I could get some quotes for my story.

GW: If you've ever been around children who are into Pokemon, it's like they're speaking a foreign language.

RR: It's like observing in the early 80's when college age people were into Dungeons and Dragons , it's like they had their own language. But game people are on another planet, period. I started to go down that path and one point and then I went “Nope. I'm not going to do it, I'll waste my life away.” One day I'll look in the mirror and be old and gray and have accomplished nothing except finding the seven swords of…something (laughs). I mean, I buy toys, especially the Todd McFarlane toys, I've got the Kiss ones and the Spawn stuff...

On the other hand, KNAC's website has just updated its website with the following info:

(Dec.13, 1999 ) The Tokemon are here! What, you ask? You mean, Pokemon? NO. Tokemon. These little bastards are the arch enemies of the Pokemon; their mission, to "toke" over the world. KNAC.com is giving you the opportunity to collect all the Tokemon Internet trading cards. Send em to a friend, or an enemy! No, they are not the product of a Japanese videogame conglomerate or the newest pre-teen collectable craze from mall heaven. THEY are the anti-fad. The (cough!) hella coolest eCard since that perverted dancing baby from the Anorexia McBeal show. TOKEMON is bong born, not for kids, and a must have for every KNAC.com compadre who's ever whiffed the wondrous waft of a sinsemilla-stoked herbal bonfire. In the words of the legendary Jeff Spicoli, "Righteous bud."

Don't be a tool. Get 'em now! The Tokemon eCard. Don't bogart -- send it to a friend or someone you know needs corrupting. The cool thing is that if you are industrious enough to send 50 of these little dudes to your closest friends, family, whoever - heck, why not send them to everyone on your e-mail list? -- you can win your very own special edition Tokemon T-shirt! Just ask Kyle O'Brien, who sent 88 Tokemon e-cards out?He is truly a Tokemon master!

Be sure and check back often as we release the "rare" Tokemon cards, unannounced and for a limited time only, exclusively at KNAC.com. This week's e-cards feature Erectabuzz, Gigglypuff, and Slowtoke.

Each week, new and collectable Tokemon eCards will be available exclusively from KNAC.com. We ain't Burger King and these ain't Pokemon?. Don't expect to get one of these at the drive-thru (even if you do have the munchies like the Tokemon). You can, however, catch some of the rarer eCards, so check back as we release "Tokemon Sneak-a-Tokes" unannounced and for a limited time only!

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